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Town Meeting

Town Meeting is the legislative branch of our local government. 

In 1948, Norwood changed from an open Town Meeting to a representative Town Meeting.  Residents from each of the Town's 

nine voting districts are chosen for a 3 year term to represent their neighbors at town meetings.

Norwood's Town Meeting is composed of 243 members including at large members.

The Moderator, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Chairman of the Finance Commission, Chairman of the School Committee,

and the Town Clerk and Accountant.





The responsibilities of the Town Meeting are to:
  • Appropriate funds for the operating and capital budgets for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  • Approve all General and Zoning By-Laws, and
  • Accept certain 'local option' statues of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


David Hern: Elected to 1 year term

The Moderator is the presiding officer of the Annual Town meeting held in May each year, and any Special Town Meetings
that may be called by the Board of Selectmen during the year.
During the meeting the Moderator conducts the discussion of each article on the warrant. He makes rulings as needed
on motions and proposed amendments made pursuant to each town meeting article. The Moderator takes a vote on
each motion and announces the results of the vote.
The Moderator is the final authority on all procedural issues that arise during a town meeting.
 ARTICLE XXXIV  establishes the procedural rules for the conducting of business of the town meeting.
The Moderator also appoints some members of the Capital Outlay Committee, and is a member of the appointing authority
for the Permanent Building Construction Committee and Personnel Board.
 The Moderator may appoint members of special committees as voted by the town meeting.
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