Human Resources

Human Resources
206 Central Street
Norwood, MA 02062

Phone:  781-762-1240
Fax:      781-934-4825
Employment Verifications:

The Office of Human Resources in the Town of Norwood is dedicated to serving the needs of the community by fostering a work environment that encourages and inspires excellence and community service.

The Human Resources team is committed to providing the support and services that are essential to attracting, challenging, developing and retaining a diverse and vibrant workforce. The success and well being of our employees is our top priority.

Please email all employment verification requests to

Lisa Uglialoro             Director of Human Resources           
Rosemarie Meehan    HR Generalist   x6033, Direct - 781-327-8802  (Benefits Contact)
Kelli Spencer              HR Generalist   x6034, Direct - 781-327-8788
Lorraine Hamwey       HR Generalist   x6073, Direct - 781-352-3873
Janice Weitbrecht      HR Generalist   x6074, Direct - 781-352-3874  (School Department Contact)

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