Public Works

John J. Carroll Administration Building
1 Lyman Place, Norwood, MA  02062

Mark Ryan, Director of Public Works/Town Engineer
Gary Schorer, Assistant Superintendent of Public Works
Joseph Girard, General Foreman - Water/Sewer/Drain
Michael Driscoll, General Foreman - Highway/Parks
Sara Winthrop, Administration Manager


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Highland Cemetery Notice
The Cemetery crews have been aerating Highland Cemetery as part of their continuing effort to improve the turfgrass quality.
When aerating, small 2"-4" soil plugs are pulled out of the ground and left to break down.
The resulting aeration holes relieves the soil compaction and allows air and nutrients to "feed" the turfgrass roots.
We've received a couple of complaints that there is goose poop all over Highland Cemetery - that is not true.
While Highland Cemetery is not immune to visits by goose flocks, the Cemetery Superintendent has employed a company that makes regular visits with their border collies to chase the flocks away. This has proven very effective and humane.
While there may be an occasional goose poop, please be assured that the Cemetery Superintendent is vigilant and there's a much better chance that a visitor has come across aeration soil plugs.








The Norwood Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town's infrastructure of streets, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm drains, public shade trees, miscellaneous town owned buildings and land, various components of the town's motor fleet. DPW is also responsible for Highland Cemetery.