Highland Cemetery

320 Winter Street, Norwood MA 02062

Phone:  781-762-1149
Fax:      781-762-3518

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Paul Ranalli, Cemetery Foreman
Email: cemetery@norwoodma.gov

Highland Cemetery
COVID-19 Update
effective December 26, 2020

To protect grieving families who have lost a loved one and, to protect the employees of Highland Cemetery during these trying times, the following rules shall apply at Highland Cemetery:

  1. The Cemetery Office is closed to the public. For assistance, contact the Cemetery Superintendent, Paul Ranalli, at 781-762-1149 or email pranalli@norwoodma.gov
  2. The Cemetery Chapel will be closed.
  3. Burials will continue but in the following manner:
  • The Funeral Director shall keep all participants in their vehicles while the Cemetery crews bring the casket to the grave site and lower into the burial liner.
  • Once the Cemetery crews have left the grave site, and upon the Cemetery Superintendent approval, the participants may exit their vehicles and proceed to the grave site.
  • Per Governor Baker’s order(link below), no more than 25 people can gather at the grave site. This includes employees of the Funeral Home, religious leaders, military honor guards, etc.
  • Please continue social distancing practices and wearing of face masks when outside of the vehicle.
  • Once the service has ended and the participants have left, Cemetery crews will wait 30 minutes before returning to the grave site to begin burial operations. Only the Funeral Director may remain to witness burial operations.   

 We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these difficult times.

Governor Baker COVID-19 Order


The Chapel of St. Gabriel the Archangel at Highland Cemetery, Norwood, Massachusetts

                                                      Highland Cemetery Rules and Regulations