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REDUCING trash is always the primary goal. Knowing what materials go in the recycling cart AND knowing what materials can be recycled in various drop off programs are key to the success of reducing trash.

REUSING materials is also very important to reducing trash, saving tax dollars, and saving natural resources. Donate it to the Women's Community Thrift Store in So Norwood, or Savers on Rt 1 in Norwood.

RECYCLING acceptable materials in the town's recycling cart as well as dropping off other recyclable materials (rigid plastics, scrap metals, textiles, books and CD's.
at the town's compost site.

Knowing where other materials can be diverted is key in reducing trash.

In addition, please make every effort to divert the following to:

Unused or expired medications as well as pet medications can be dropped off at the kiosk at the Norwood Police

VHS TAPES such as Disney tapes and other children's stories as well as old video games can be donated to Saver's Rt 1, Norwood MA

CD's, DVD's and their plastic cases can be dropped off at Best Buy in the kiosk in their lobby.

ELECTRONICS can be dropped off at Best Buy

Have something not listed above and want to divert it from the trash for reuse or recycling, go to Simply type in what you have, tab it over and type in your zip code.

Norwood's recyclables are taken to the Single Stream Recycling Facility in Avon Ma. To watch watch happens to the recyclables once they are arrive at the facility, watch How are recyclables sorted at the recycling facility?


Norwood's recyclables are taken to the Avon Single Stream Recycling facility. The picture to the right shows baled materials ready to be shipped to vendors who need the materials to sustain their business. Please do not throw recyclables in the trash.

American businesses need non contaminated recyclables.

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