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Single Stream Recycling and Trash Cart Program

The Town of Norwood is under contract with Waste Management (WM) to provide residential curbside trash and recycling services. In an effort to increase the capture of clean curbside recyclables tonnages, and decrease trash tonnages the town will provide a 2nd 96g recycling cart at no charge. Please call town hall at 781.762.1240. Please understand limiting trash to the one 64 gallon trash cart will save the town (you) tax dollars.

REDUCE (trash)
REUSE (reuse/repurpose containers, donate textiles, upcycle) Buy durable goods vs single use goods (razors)
RECYCLE (curbside and drop off programs)
COMPOST (backyard or town drop off)

BOTH program compliance and full program participation are CRITICAL to ensure the sustainability of recycling.

The WM carts are to remain on the property they were assigned.
In an effort to identify and secure your trash and recycling carts, please identify the address # and unit # of your street address on the side of both carts. Recycling and trash cart lids should be able to close when placing curbside for service.

Carts should be placed curbside by 7am on your regular scheduled pick up day.The handle and the wheels of the cart should be facing the sidewalk.Also, it is very important residents follow the 3 Foot Rule, which allows the WM trucks to safely and easily service your curbside carts.

Cart Program Compliance- Waste Management drivers monitor (via truck camera) the contents of every recycle and trash cart. If there is contamination in the recycle cart, the driver will communicate with you via WM stickers. If non compliance continues, the property will be called in and a town letter will be sent informing you of the non compliance issue. If non compliance becomes a chronic issue, the WM driver will leave your cart behind and/or your carts may be removed from the property.

Compliant set out


Non Compliant set out

unacceptable overloaded trash carts

Broken Cart
Should a problem occur (broken wheel, broken lid ) please call Waste Management at 800.972.4545 to request a cart repair or cart replacement at no charge. Be sure the WM cart person removes the broken cart from your property. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you should have any problems.

Selling your home? Please leave trash and recycle carts (empty and cleaned out) on the property for the new residents. Please leave the empty carts in the garage or in a secure location for the incoming residents.

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