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Waste Bans Q & A's

What do I do with the other waste bans materials NOT accepted in the recycling cart or the trash cart?
         LEAVES and YARD WASTE-residents have several options:
              1. place leave and yard waste in paper leaf bags for weekly curbside pick up
                  by DPW (April through November) OR
             2. start a back yard composting area in your back yard. You can purchase a compost unit at the
                   Norwood Board of Health for just $20.  OR
            3.  drop off at the Winter Street Composting Site (370 Winter Street.) Residential permit
                   required.  No charge.  Call DPW at 781.762.1413 for more information.
            4.  worm composting - call 781.255.9988 for more information.

         METALS- scrap metals can be dropped off at the Winter Street
              Compost Site OR you can bring them to Allied Recycling in Walpole. Call 508.668.8699.
              Allied will pay you the current value for your scrap metals.

          CATHODE RAY TUBES - Tv's and Computer Screens
               Please go to Best Buy has the BEST take back program for
           LEAD ACID BATTERIES- Click  Lead acid recycling take back stores  to drop off your lead acid
               battery sooner rather than later.  OR you can drop it off at either bi annual Household
               Hazardous Waste Day.   Call Board of Health at 781.762.1240 for dates.  OR go to

          WHITE GOODS- can be dropped off at the Spring or Fall Town Recycle Days OR go to



Call Recycling Works if you need assistance for your business and or institution. No fees. Their phone number is 1.888. 254.5525 or email them at info@Recycling

Go to for more information.

                          If you have any questions, please call 781.255.9988

                         preferably between 8am and 12noon, Monday-Friday

                                      or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           Anti idling

                                 Please turn off your engine, if you know you are                                        
                                       going to be more than 5 minutes.                   

    This is a public health issue as well as an environmental issue.

                                    Thank you for your cooperation.


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