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If you receive a town non compliance letter....

Waste Management (WM) drivers will communicate with you via cart stickers. Please pay attention to what has been checked off on the sticker. The WM drivers and the town need residential program compliance, in an effort to remove recyclables and trash safely as well as in a time efficient manner.

If you have received a non compliance letter from Norwood DPW, it is because the driver has been stickering the cart, but residential non compliance continues. The driver then calls the non compliant property in to DPW dispatch. Non compliant letters are then sent out. It is very important to understand and comply with the terms of the recycle and trash town contract, as well as the Ma State Waste Bans. Norwood strives to be in compliance with DEP's State Waste Bans.

Carts must be accessible to the truck's automated arm. If there is a vehicle blocking this process, your cart will receive a WM sticker. If the carts continue to be blocked, you will receive a non compliant letter from the town. If non compliance continues after that, your carts will not be serviced. Follow the 3 foot rule please: 3 foot rule

Contaminated recycling cart due to trash, plastic bags, Styrofoam, yard debris, textiles inside the recycling cart. Please be sure to rinse/clean your recyclables before placing in recycle cart. NO food or food residue.

Please click Recycle Often, Recycle Right to view what materials are allowed in the single stream recycling cart. ONLY these materials are allowed in the single stream recycling cart. Anything else is a contaminant.

Contaminants decrease the value of the town's recyclables. Contaminating the town's recyclables will increase WM's cost of recycling, which will be passed on to the municipalities in the next contract.

Absolutely NO TRASH is allowed in the recycle cart.

Plastic bags must NEVER be placed in recycle carts.

However, plastic bags can be recycled ONLY when they are clean and dry and DROPPED OFF at a participating grocery store. Click Plastic bag recycling information to learn more.

Styrofoam or foam products are not allowed in the recycle carts.
However, they can be collected separately and dropped off at any or all of the town's Foam Recycling Drop Off days: Spring Recycle Day (May) Fall Recycle Day (September) and the Saturday after Christmas. Please click acceptable FOAM for drop off as well as unacceptable FOAM at drop off event. Its best to avoid Foam products where ever possible. For example, ask for your restaurant leftovers to be wrapped in tin foil instead of Styrofoam.

Yard debris must NEVER go in the trash or recycle carts.

Yard debris can be bagged for curbside pick up
curbside leaf bags OR yard debris can be dropped off at the Winter Street Composting Facility.Residential permit required. Call DPW 781.762.1413.
compost sign

Textiles are NOT allowed in the recycle cart.
However, TEXTILES can be collected and dropped off at any of the Bay State Textile (BST) collections boxes. BST wants the good, the bad, and the ugly! If it is ripped, torn or has a broken zipper or missing buttons, BST will repurpose the material into something else. BST collection boxes are located in every school parking lot as well as at the DPW Composting Site. Please do not include damp or moldy textiles.

Contamination of recyclables is a very costly part of single stream recycling.It is such a huge issue that it threatens the sustainability of recycling.

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