Run for Local Office

Thinking for running for an elected position? 

Town elections are held yearly on the first Monday in April. For those that are interested you will need to know the following:

  • Nomination papers for all positions are available after January 1st every year
  • For a major office you will need to collect 50 signature from Town Residents in order to get your name on the ballot
  • For new Town Meeting Members you will need to collect 10 signatures of Town Residents within your district
  • Incumbent Town meeting Members need to sign a letter stating your intent to run again which will be sent by the Clerk's Office
All signatures for nomination papers are verified with the Clerk's Office to ensure residency within Norwood. For any and all questions regarding running for an elected positions please contact the Clerk's Office at (781) 762-1240 or
Unsure of what Board or Committees are elected? Check out the Elected Official's Page.