Animal Shelter Bulletin Board

Important Reminder About Dog Waste
Please be courteous of others by cleaning up and disposing of dog waste appropriately when you walk your dog.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Walking Your Dog
When out walking your dog around town, please remember to have your dog leashed at all times. Not only is it the law but it’s in the best interest and safety of your dog!  It helps keep everyone safe. Remember, just because your dog likes other dogs doesn't mean other dogs will be necessarily friendly towards yours. Your dog may love people, but not all people love dogs. It’s helpful to remember these simple tips to ensure everyone is safe and happy. Please comply with the leash law.

Holiday Safety Tips
Holiday Safety Tips from the ASPCA

Safety Tips for Winter Months - MEMA

  • Do not leave your pets outside when temperatures drops below freezing.
  • Wind-chill is a threat to pets, even those protected by shelters.
  • Pets who spend a greater amount of time outdoors in winter need more food.

For more information visit the MEMA.

Pets Provide Companionship
Having a pet is a wonderful antidote for loneliness. Pets offer unconditional love. Studies show that pets can aid relaxation, lower blood pressure, promote health, ease anxiety and stress and prolong life. Another benefit of pet ownership is that pets need you and never outgrow their need for you. If you live alone, pets offer the opportunity to give your attention and care to something other than yourself. There is medical evidence that proves the healing power of pets.

Health Benefits of Pets

Dog Licenses
Dog Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk at the Town Hall. To obtain a license, proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination must be shown. License fees are $15 for dogs that have been spayed / neutered, $20 for dogs that have not been spayed / neutered.  All dogs 6 months or older are required to be licensed. All dog licenses must be renewed by May 30th of each year. Licenses are available for renewal on January 1st each year.

After May 30th the Town imposes a $25 late fee for any unlicensed dog.  
Continued failure to license a dog will also result in a citation from this department per MGL Ch140, Sec 137. Please license your dog in a timely manner to avoid these extra fees.