About the Finance Commission

The Finance Commission holds numerous meetings during the year for the purpose of reviewing departmental Reserve Fund transfer requests as well as detailed annual budget requests for the next fiscal year. After deliberation with department heads charged with the responsibility for expending budgetary funds, the Finance Commission then makes detailed budget recommendations for the fiscal year to the Annual Town Meeting.

Myev A. Bodenhofer, Chair, is an electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in the private sector, managing projects and supervising teams.  Her professional roles have required data analysis, technical writing, collaboration with both technical and non-technical people, and audits of processes and procedures.  She holds a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in electrical engineering, both from MIT.  Myev has been a Town Meeting member since 2015. Before her election to the Finance Commission in April 2022, she served on the School Committee, the Capital Outlay Committee, the Town-wide Budget Balancing Committee, the Joint Facilities Committee, the Long-Range Building Study Committee, and the Middle School Building Committee.  She has lived in Norwood, with her husband and two children, for more than 20 years.

Sarah E. Sullivan, Vice Chair

Eric W. Fleming

Anne Marie Haley has a pragmatic approach to public service born out of her vast experience as an administrator in business.  Working for a national firm, Anne was intimately involved in strategic decision making and implementation.  She also moved as an administrator to the Exploration School in Norwood giving her a different perspective.  She built on that experience and currently serves as the liaison to the Norwood Public Schools where her goal is to understand the needs of the Schools while suggesting efficient business solutions. Anne served on the Finance Commission for a number of years and moved on to assist the Personnel Board to develop policies for the Town.  In addition, the Personnel Board makes decisions on the fairness of compensation on individual positions as duties change.  Anne has returned to the Commission and is seeking ways to enhance revenues and streamline costs.

Alan D. Slater is a Registered Professional Engineer who specializes in waste water treatment.  After his graduation from Stanford University, Alan pursued his life-long dream of public service.  Serving in a leadership role at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for over 35 years Alan oversaw multiple waste water projects with a goal of designing systems that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Alan has been a leader in Norwood as a member and former Chairman of the Finance Commission, the School Facility Task Force, Town Meeting Member and Chair of the current committee exploring facility options for the future of the Norwood Schools.