Wetlands & River Protection Acts

What is the Wetlands Protection Act?
The Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L. ch.131, s. 40) was enacted to protect wetlands, associated resource areas, and floodplains from possible negative impact of development. Massachusetts enacted the Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) in 1963. In so doing it became the first State to adopt regulations protecting wetlands. Read the WPA.

What is the Rivers Protection Act?
The Rivers Protection Act was enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1996. The Act created a new resource area, the "Riverfront Area," which is administered as part of the State's Wetland Protection Act. Learn more about the Rivers Protection Act.

Who Protects our Wetlands and Rivers?
The Norwood Conservation Commission has jurisdiction for work taking place within the Wetland and Riverfront protected areas. The Conservation Commission abides by the Town of Norwood Wetlands Protection Bylaw and the Town of Norwood Wetlands Regulations