Cable Commission Calendar

Cable Commission

Cable Commission Members:

Richard Shay, Chairman
Joan Jacobs
Peter Strano
Edward John Kelliher

The Norwood Cable Commission Members are appointed for three-year terms by the Norwood Board of Selectmen, in its role as the License Authority for cable operations in the Town of Norwood. 

Norwood is one of few towns in the Commonwealth that has its own cable corporation. The Norwood Light Department runs Norwood Light Broadband and is responsible for the development of the network and providing of all cable services including high speed internet services. Comcast and Verizon also provide similar cable service throughout Norwood.

Revenues received from the cable companies are distributed to the Norwood Public Access Corporation to be used for local programming. This non-profit corporation was formed by the Board of Selectmen in 2003 to provide quality public access, educational and governmental programming.

Norwood Public Access Corp. has made excellent progress since 2003. In addition to bringing the studio at the High School online, many local events are broadcast during the year including the weekly Selectmen's meetings, School Committee meetings, Norwood High graduation and athletic events, Little League, Memorial Day and the July 4th parades, Town Meetings and Concerts on the Common. 

The Cable Commission, in cooperation with Norwood Public Access Corporation and Jack Tolman - Norwood Schools TV Director, encourages the continued expansion of locally produced programming. Also, we will continue to inform the Cable companies at our monthly meetings of all requests, comments and recommendations offered by the subscribers with the goal to improve the Norwood Cable TV system for all subscribers.

It is important to note that although neither the Board of Selectmen nor the Cable Commission has any control over rate changes instituted by the providers, cable subscribers can raise their objections and/or comments to the Mass State Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. (For further information contact the Norwood Cable Commission).