Budget Balancing Meeting Calendar

Budget Balancing Committee

FY2023 Budget Balancing Committee Members

Matthew Lane, Board of Selectmen
William J. Plasko, Board of Selectmen                                                                  
Tony Mazzucco, General Manager  
Anne Marie Mazzolla, School Committee
Teresa Stewart, School Committee 
David Thomson, Superintendent of Schools
Alan D. Slater, Finance Commission
Myev A. Bodenhofer, Finance Commission
Jeff O'Neill, Director of Finance & Accounting
About the Budget Balancing Process

The Budget Balancing Committee was formed several years ago to coordinate the preparation of the annual budget recommendation. The Committee is made up of two Selectmen and the General Manager, two Finance Commissioners and the Director of Finance and Accounting, two School Committee Members and the Superintendent of Schools.

Anticipated revenues are identified, shared and utility costs are deducted, and the remainder has historically been divided 55% for Schools and 45% for General Government. Schools have the responsibility to reach its 55% target and General Government 45%.

By law, the final budget recommendation and presentation is made by the Finance Commission.