About Veterans' Services

We are...Solider_flag_cannon
  • Responsible for the total effort in administering and supervising the assistance given to veterans and their dependents in matters pertaining to their rights and benefits under the various governmental programs. Direct involvement in implementing such programs is practiced.
  • Our duties... Advise veterans, their dependents and others properly concerned of their rights, privileges and benefits under the several governing bodies involved and for a variety of types of benefits. Receive applications, investigate and approve disbursements of monies and benefits.
  • File applications on behalf of veterans and/or their dependents for various benefits and allowances, i.e., state bonus, G.I. Loans, burial allowances, etc.
  • Assist veterans in obtaining service records and assist them in the preparation of applications and documents of all sorts pertaining to their welfare.
  • Investigate and directly observe to secure information and data or otherwise render assistance to Veterans or their dependents.
  • Keep posted and updated on all changes in rules, regulations, etc. relating to Veterans' benefits.
  • Dispense information, answer questions of Veterans and the public.
  • When requested, locate housing for the homeless and request donations of clothing and household supplies as needed.
  • Coordinate the Memorial Day Parade including the preparation of the Programs for distribution. Participate in Fourth of July Parade and Veterans' Day Parade.