Food Waste Composting

Norwood DPW sells two types of compost bins - the Earth Machine for $20.00 and the Dual Composting Tumbler for $50. Since we offer composters at a deep discount we request that you fill out a Composting Pledge form so we can keep track of who's purchased the bins. Eventually you'll receive an online survey asking about your composting experience. Additionally you will receive a counter top scrap bucket to collect kitchen scraps. Public Works is located at 1 Lyman Place. Please stop by between the hours of 7am - 3pm to purchase a bin. Additionally, please click MaDEP Home Composting Tips to learn more about composting. To view a readable chart, click Composting 101

The Town of Norwood now has a 
Residential Food Scrap Program in place. Please follow the link to get more information. Additionally, if you want your compost picked up and hauled away, Black Earth Compost has started pickup in Norwood. Follow the link to their website, click on residential, scroll down and enter your address to get more information.