Running for Office in Norwood

The Annual Town Election is held on the first Monday of April.  Ballot&Pen

If you wish to be a candidate on the Annual Town Election Ballot, you must pick up nomination papers in the Town Clerk's office.  Nomination papers are available after January 1. 

  • New Town Meeting Members must obtain 10 signatures from registered voters in
    their town meeting district.
  • Current Town Meeting Members will have a Letter of Intent mailed to their homes the first week in January. To appear on the ballot, a signed Letter of Intent must be delivered to the Town Clerk's office.
  • Major Office candidates must obtain 50 signatures from registered voters within the Town of Norwood.
The Town Clerk recommends that additional signatures be obtained as some who sign may not be registered voters.

All candidates running for Major office must complete Campaign Finance Reports (see instructions below).

What are the Major Elected Offices?

How do I complete a Campaign Finance Report?