The Norwood, MA Advantage

The Town of Norwood is located 13 miles southwest of Boston, placing it in the Boston Metropolitan Area. Norwood and the Boston Metropolitan Area have the country's most educated workforce, ample venture capital, and expanding biotech, advanced manufacturing, and robotics clusters.

Norwood's excellent infrastructure will allow your company to take advantage of the region's workforce and venture capital advantages with its reliable utilities and easy market access. 

Norwood Advantages Details

Workforce & Education

  • The Boston Metropolitan area has one of the highest rates of residents over 25 with at least a bachelor's degree in the US.
  • Massachusetts produces more STEM graduates per capita than any state.
  • Massachusetts is home to the best-performing public school system and an assortment of incredible colleges and universities, including the two, most highly regarded universities in the nation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
Venture Capital
  • The Massachusetts business community attracts significantly more venture capital than the rest of the United States, excluding California and New York.
  • Utilities: Internet, electric, water, and sewer capacity is nearly limitless town-wide. The Town of Norwood owns and operates all four utilities.
  • Roadways: Interstate 95 and Route 1, which serve the entire United States East Coast, travel through Norwood.
  • Airports: Norwood is served by Boston Logan International Airport and owns and operates a municipal airport, Norwood Memorial Airport.
  • Public Transportation: Norwood has three MBTA commuter rail stops, making trips into and out of Boston seamless.
  • Port: Norwood is served by the Port of Boston.

Biotech, Advanced Manufacturing, & Robotics Clusters