Taxes and Utility Rates

Town of Norwood businesses are subject to real property tax, personal property tax, CPA tax, meal excise tax, utility fees, vehicle excise tax, and the room occupancy tax, if applicable. Real, personal property, CPA, and vehicle excise taxes are remitted directly to the Town. Meal excise and room occupancy excise taxes are remitted to the Commonwealth. Water/sewer, electric, and broadband fees are paid directly to the Town. This list does NOT include other state taxes Norwood businesses may be subject to in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click on the following link to learn about state taxes: 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Business Taxes Dashboard.

Real and Personal Property Tax Rates

Vehicle Excise Tax

  • Vehicle Excise Tax Rate: $25 / $1,000 of assessed value

Local Option Taxes

  • Meal Excise Tax - .75%
  • Room Occupancy (Hotel) Excise Tax- 6%

Utility Rates