Workout Area

Fitness Classes:
We’ve teamed up with The Vanderbilt Club and are offering
fitness classes at The Vanderbilt Club!
10 Class Punch Pass: $75 , All classes located at The Vanderbilt Club/Civic
Center , Register at the Recreation Department !!!
Civic Center Classes will include Zumba, Fit for You, and Cardio Power by
our amazing instructors as well! Please see website for class details! 

Weight Room Rules:
-Use equipment at your OWN risk and follow equipment rules carefully
-To ensure everyone has a pleasant experience, please refrain from yelling, using
profanity, banging weights, and making loud noises
-Please refrain from cell phone use inside the fitness area
-Wipe down all equipment after each use
-Return all weights to the rack when finished
-Everyone must wear proper work-out attire. No boots, jeans, street clothing, and open toed shoes. Dress code will be enforced
-All personal belongings must hang on hooks or be secured in the locker room
-Please do not bring any food or drinks in the fitness room (except water)
-Participants must be age 16 or over. Anyone under the age of 16 must be supervised directly by Parent/Guardian
-Please report any faulty or damaged equipment to the front desk 
*purchase a membership. Each time you enter the facility, you must swipe your card under the bar code reader at the front office. Lost cards result in a $5 replacement fee*