Father Macs Pool– 295 Vernon Street 

Corner of Vernon Street and Hawthorne Street.
Please park in designated spaces.  Please refrain from parking on the street.

Hawes Pool– 1305 Washington Street 

Adjacent to Coakley Middle School.

Swim Passes/Day Passes
 Day passes can be purchased at the pool ONLY. We
will NOT accept cash/check and will have the ability
to take credit card on site.

  Day passes can only be purchased day of. 

 Pool Tags can at Civic Center.

 Pool passes for Hawes Pool include the Spray Park.

Fee Structure (50% off as of August 1st)
Seniors (Ages 62+)  ~  $15.00
Adult & Children  ~ $35.00
One Adult Family  ~ $100.00
Two Adult Family  ~ $120.00
One Day Pass   ~ $5.00