Extended Day

Registration links for Extended Day

Hello Parents, 
Registration for Extended Day Fall 2024 will begin Friday March 8, 2024.  Willett Registration will begin at 6:30 PM, all other schools will begin at 7:00 PM.  Please click on the links below depending on your child's school.  All children going into Kindergarten should register on the Willett link.  Once registration is over, we will look at the entries and send you invites if your child has received a spot at one of our 6 sites for the fall.  Upon accepting the spot, you will be responsible for a registration fee of $25 per child.  We will send out more information after the acceptance period is over.  

Balch Registration Form:
Callahan Registration Form:
Cleveland Registration Form:
Oldham Registration Form:
Prescott Registration Form:
Willett Registration Form:

For more information please click this link below: