Bid Results

Below, is a list of bids recently received. If you require further information on previous years, please email the Purchasing Department.

Contract Number Project Title Closing Date and Bid Results
NLD-24-01 Pad Mounted Transformer November 9, 2023
NPW-24-02 Permanent Trench Paving September 28, 2023
FAC-24-02 Civic Center Emergency Repairs August 17, 2023
NPW-24-01 Roadway Cracksealing August 10, 2023
FAC-24-01 Balch Lintel Repairs August 10, 2023

Fiscal Year 2023 and Older

Balch Masonry Stairs - FAC-23-06

Public Safety HVAC Redesign - FAC-23-05

Civic Center Women's Locker Room Renovation - FAC-23-04

Demolition of Washington Street Houses - NGM-23-04

Shared Health Services Coordinator - BOH-23-01

Athletic Trainer for Schools - NSD-23-03

Pavement Markings - NPW-23-05

Ambulance Billing and Collection Services, Contract ID NFD-23-03

Sunset Avenue Slope Stabilization, Contract ID NGM-23-01