About Purchasing

The Norwood Purchasing Department is responsible for overseeing all procurements and contracts for the Town of Norwood, which includes the Norwood Public Schools, the Department of Public Works, Norwood Light (light and broadband), and the Norwood Municipal Airport. In line with Massachusetts General Law and Town Charter and Bylaws, the Department establishes purchasing policies and procedures to ensure that all acquisitions are conducted openly, fairly, and through a competitive process. The Chief Procurement Officer, designated as the General Manager under the Town's Bylaws, administers these contracts.

To maintain transparency and fairness, public procurement is governed by various State laws, with specific regulations based on the type of procurement and the monetary value of the purchase.

  • Chapter 7C: This chapter guides the acquisition of design services for public building construction projects. It is applicable when the project's estimated value exceeds $300,000, and the estimated design fee is more than $30,000.
  • Chapter 30, § 39M: This section is relevant to all public works construction projects, specifically those categorized as horizontal construction. Examples include road and sidewalk work, athletic field construction/renovation, and drain/sewer construction.
  • Chapter 30B: This chapter oversees the acquisition of supplies, non-construction services, surplus equipment, as well as the lease, purchase, or sale of Town-owned property.
  • Chapter 90, § 54I: This section governs contracts related to the purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment for our Airport, along with the construction and improvement of the Airport property.
  • Chapter 149, §§ 44A-J: Pertaining to vertical construction, this chapter covers all aspects of public building construction, maintenance, and repair.
  • Chapter 164, § 56D: This section regulates the procurement activities of our Light/Broadband Department.