Hydrant Flushing & Testing

Hydrant Flushing 2023 TBA

Hydrants provide a direct connection with the public water system.
The Water Division's Hydrant Flushing Program is conducted twice a year, in the Spring and early Fall. Before beginning the program, notices will be posted on social media (Twitter and Facebook) and as an announcement on our web site.

Hydrant flushing is a recommendation of the DEP to:
Clean all pipes in the system and to ensure chlorine residual to the ends of the system.  It is also used to measure flows for fire protection and locate and repair maintenance problems

What to expect:
It is expected that some discoloration and disturbance of the water in the area of the work will occur while the program is in progress and consumers should check the clarity of their water prior to use. In the event that rust or sediment is present, wait approximately 2 hours for any disturbance that was caused by the flushing to settle and run the cold water faucet nearest the water meter until clear. DO NOT RUN THE HOT WATER UNTIL THE COLD WATER IS CLEAR.

The Water Department apologizes for any inconvenience that may occur as a result of this program. Additional information including when we will be in a particular area can be obtained by contacting the Water Department at 781-762-1413.