Cross Connection Program

The Town of Norwood's Cross Connection Control Program, as mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection, is a key element of the Water & Sewer Division's operation. Norwood is committed to protecting the public water system from contamination due to backflow or back siphonage of connections containing non-potable water.

Back pressure and cross contamination can occur when the pressure in equipment or a system is greater than the pressure in the drinking water system. Contamination can also occur when the pressure in the drinking water line drops due to occurrences such as main breaks and heavy water demand causing contaminants to be sucked out from the equipment and into the drinking water system Norwood's water system is protected by the control of actual or potential cross connections through two programs:

The elimination of existing or future cross connections through inspection and regulation of plumbing and water piping within a customer's premises.

The proper installation and maintenance of backflow preventers on services to premises where actual or potential cross connections exist to prevent backflow or back siphonage of contaminants or pollutants from the customers' premises into the public water system.

Every six months, as required by Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations, the Town of Norwood performs backflow device testing as a fee for service program. Devices are tested and a report is given to the property owner. Follow up tests are performed if the device failed the initial test. Repairs to backflow preventers are repaired by an independent firm at the owner's expense. Reporting and management of survey and testing reports is the responsibility of the Town of Norwood. Conditions of the system are reported to the Mass DEP.