Baby Safe Haven

The Town of Norwood Police and Fire station are a designated facility under The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts

It is the policy of the Norwood Police Department to provide a safe and hospitable refuge for parents or guardians to abandon qualifying infants at the Police Station in conformity with "The Safe Haven Act" (MGLA Chapter 119, Sec 39 1/2), which went into effect on October 29, 2004.  The Safe Haven Act allows for parents and guardians to abandon newborn infants who are no more than seven days old at police stations, hospitals, and manned fire stations.  The law further provides that the parents or guardians will not be subject to criminal charges for abandoning the infant in conformity with the law. 

How does the Safe Haven Act define the following terms?

  • Newborn infant: a baby 7 days old or younger.
  • Voluntary placed, voluntary placement or voluntary abandonment: voluntarily leaving the newborn infant with an appropriate person at a designated facility.
  • Designated Facility: hospital (it is preferred that the newborns specifically be taken to an acute care hospital emergency department), police department or manned fire station; the locations stipulated by the Safe Haven Law.
  • Appropriate person: someone at a designated facility who is able to ensure that the newborn infant is safe; for example, the triage person in a hospital emergency department or duty officer in a police station.
  • Notification: An immediate notice to be filed with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) on the voluntary surrender of the newborn infant.

Visit the Safe Haven website where you can read the law and find answers to your questions