MBTA Communities FAQs

The MBTA Communities Task Force and Planning Board have created a proposed zoning bylaw and map to bring Norwood into compliance with the new MBTA Communities law, also known as 3A. Please explore the FAQs to learn more about the proposal, law, and the process to get here. 

What is the MBTA Communities law (3A)?

What does this mean for Norwood?

How did the state calculate our requirements?

Does our Zoning Bylaw already comply with the law?

Why should we comply with the new law?

How does compliance work?

What has the process been to arrive at this point?

What changes are being proposed?

How did you come up with this proposal?

How was the geographic location of the district chosen?

What were the survey results?

What were the outcomes of the public engagement sessions?

Will every parcel get redeveloped for multifamily housing?

Will redevelopment under this new Bylaw still need permits?

Is affordable housing required?

Is all of it affordable housing?

Will it all be apartments?

What building incentives are there for projects that meet specific public interests?

When do the new units have to be built?

What happens after this is approved by Town Meeting?

This is the first I'm hearing about this. How have you reached out to the public about it?

Why isn't Norwood just proposing the bare minimum? Why exceed any requirements?

Norwood already has so many multifamily buildings. Why don't those comply?

My property is in the proposed overlay. What happens next?

What is next in the process?

Are there other resources to learn more about this?