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The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District will be conducting an aerial larvicide application, May 9th, on areas of the Neponset River floodplain in the The river flooded last week in response to heavy rain the previous weekend (April 29-30).
This is not a spray, it is a granular product applied to the water to kill mosquito larvae.
The helicopter will be loading out of the old Norwood Landfill.

Please see this link to a notice on our webs page that has a map of areas to be treated. Aerial Larvicide Map « Norfolk County Mosquito Control

Norfolk County Mosquito Control

ULV Spraying for adult mosquitoes will begin the week of Memorial Day (May 29th). This will be weather permitting. Temperatures must be above 60 degrees during the evening, and it cannot be raining.  Norfolk County Mosquito Control will begin taking requests for spraying on May 21st and will have the online form available at that time.

Testing a tick once removed: Not all ticks carry disease. Knowing which species bit you and if it was carrying any diseases can help a physician treat you if signs of illness arise. TickReport is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, but it can help you and your physician assess your risk of exposure to Lyme and other diseases.

Mosquito-borne illness and fact sheets:

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Tick-borne illness

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