Inspectional Services

Call the Health Department 781-762-1240 to log a complaint.

Inspectional Services

Food Establishments: License and inspect all food establishments to ensure they meet State Sanitation Standards and Federal Food Code regulations. Conduct investigations to determine cause of any suspect food-borne illnesses.

Public Swimming Pools:  Routinely inspect and regulate public & semi-public swimming pools and whirlpools/spas.

Housing: Enforce the State Sanitary Code.  Inspections are conducted upon request of the occupant to ensure all housing is in a safe and healthy condition.

Recreational Camps: License and inspect all recreational camps in Norwood to ensure the health and safety of all children enrolled.

Other Inspected Facilities: Inspects tanning facilities, hotels and vapor baths/showers to ensure facilities are maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.