Food Permit Appl & Info

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources statement on Hemp-derived products
Massachusetts DPH Food Protection Program FAQs on CBD in food
CBD Notice to Retailers

Changes with the adoption of updated Food Code

Summary of Major Changes
New Food Code
Sample Vomit & Diarrhea Clean-up Procedures (Including list of contents for required Clean-up Kit)
Sample Food Employee Reporting Agreement
Retail Food Protection: Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook
Date Marking Information

Documents for review for New Establishments
Grease Interceptor Requirements
Choke-Save Requirements
Food Allergy Awareness Information

Temporary Food Service Events

For review: Food Safety for Temporary Events

Other Information

Sanitizing Tips
Food Product Dating Info
Selectmen's Regulations for Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers
Police Ice Cream Truck Regulations
Food Manager Certification (Serve-Safe)