House Numbers - Don't Play Hide & Seek with the Fire Department

Can firefighters find your house?
Can paramedics find your house?
Can the police find your house?
Don’t play Hide and Seek with your emergency services!
Help us find you quickly by following these important tips.
• Your house number(s) should be clearly visible from the street. How about at night?
• Make sure bushes, vehicles, or other things don’t block house number(s).
• Your house number(s) should be in a contrasting color to your house, at least 3 inches high.
• If you have a rural home, mark your address clearly on the mailbox or a post at the front of
your driveway.
• Make sure your address is posted by every telephone in your home. In stressful situations it
can be very easy to forget your address.
• Make sure all family members know how to call 9-1-1.