Financial Indicators

Financial Indicators

Below are two tables that provide a snapshot of the financial health of the Town of Norwood. To review more in-depth financial reports, click HERE.

General Town of Norwood Financial Indicators

Type Year Data Point
Bond Rating - S&P FY2024 AA+
Pension System Expected Full Funding Year FY2023 As of FY2023, the pension system was 77% percent funded. Pension fund analysts would describe this as effectively "funded."
Average Single-Family Home Assessed Value FY2023 $603,015
Average Single Family Real Estate Tax Bill FY2023 $6,223

Town of Norwood Debt: Debt Service and Total Indebtedness

General Fund Debt Service Payments as a Percentage of Non-Utility Revenues (FY2024 Debt Service Budget) $4,631,429/ (FY2024 Non-utility/non-debt excluded revenues) $139,212,943=3.33%
Town's Total Indebtedness as a Percentage of the Town's Total Equalized Valuation (EQV) (FY2024 Total General Fund Indebtedness)  
 $128,372,207/(EQV) $7,014,513,632 = 1.83%.