Future Projects

Capital Projects

Animal Shelter-Feasibility Study for Repairs:
  • There will be a building study for the entire Animal Shelter.
  • Currently, there is no bathroom, and a porta potty is being used.
  • With the building study, there is potential for a bathroom.

Granite Step Repairs, Brickwork, and Lintels Around the Windows - Balch School:
  • There was a study conducted on the Balch School.
  • There were issues with the building façade on the rotary side of the school.
  • Lintels above windows are deteriorating.
  • There are loose bricks, letting water get through into the building, which could be dangerous.
  • Front stairs are sinking inward, foundation is letting go, infiltration lower through the stairs.
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High School Gym Floor:
  • The High School gym floor is 12 years old.
  • For safety reasons, every 10 years the floor needs to be fastened.
  • The project is designed to preserve the life of the floor, by
    sanding it down and making sure the wood is even.
High School Floor - Copy

Complete Building Study for Library:
  • There was a study done on the library for façade, roof, and interior painting.
  • Because of the hassle, it would make sense to do a whole building study.
  • Interior work is heavily needed. There are façade issues, window issues, roof issues, power issues, and interior painting needs.
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Parking Lots- Oldham School:
  • The Oldham parking lot is used for drop-off and pick-up, whether it be for school or activities.
  • With a couple of minor repairs, the Oldham parking lot has not been repaved since it was created.
  • There are large cracks on the surface, which are dangerous and don’t look good.
  • The newly paved road will remove large cracks, making it safer and better looking.
  • The new pavement will include the area around the playground as well.
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Public Safety Parking Lot Replacement:

  • The Public Safety Parking Lot is in poor condition.
  • There are cracking issues and ponding issues.
  • If the Public Safety parking lot were to be replaced, then the parking lot would be less dangerous and a better visual.
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Parking Lots - Willett School:
  • Surrounding a baseball field and a kindergarten, the Willett parking lot is used for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Because the parking lot has not been repaved since the school’s construction, with a couple of minor repairs, there are large cracks on the surface.
  • These large cracks are dangerous and aesthetically displeasing.
  • The handicap parking spaces are faded as well, making it hard to view for handicap drivers.
  • The newly paved road will remove large cracks, making it safer and better looking.
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Town Wide Roof Feasibility Study:
  • All town roofs will have a study and evaluation.
  • The study will develop a plan with either repair or replacement of roofs.
  • All school roofs were done 22-23 years ago, with the exception of the High School.
  • The High School roof was done 12 years ago.
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