Building Information

Town Hall

Town Hall
Norwood Town Hall was designed by Norwood native William Upham, and was built in 1928. The building is constructed with seam-faced granite from Weymouth. The building includes numerous Town offices, Memorial Hall (dedicated to Norwood veterans) and a 50-bell Carillon Tower.


206 Central Street
206 Central Street was built in 1907 and housed the Municipal Light Department until 2019. Since 2019 it has been converted into General Government office space.
Old Jailhouse

Old Lock-Up

The Old Lock-Up was built in 1879 and housed criminals until it was eventually changed into offices. More recently it has become a storage garage. It was the first municipal building in Norwood.
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Morse House
The Morse House was built in 1868 and was originally a residential building. It was purchased by the Town in 1974 and since then has been used a meeting space and exhibit.


DPW Building
The John J Carroll Public Works Administration Building was completed in 2015 and contains offices, conference rooms, storage shed and garages.

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Public Safety Building

The Public Safety Building was built on the site of the original 1964 PSB Building in 2001. The building houses the Norwood Police Department, Norwood Fire Department, and meeting rooms.


Civic Center
The Civic Center was originally built as a State Armory in 1930. It was then sold to the Town by the State for $1. In 1984, after extensive renovations, it formally became the WWII Memorial Civic Center, containing a basketball court, weight lifting space, offices, and meeting rooms.


Norwood Airport
The Norwood Airport was originally built in 1942. The Mark C. Welch Administrative Building was completed in 2019 and contains office and meeting rooms.

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Morrill Memorial Library

The Morrill Memorial Library was originally built in 1898 and had several additions completed in 1921 and 1965.


Balch Elementary School

The Balch Elementary School was constructed in 1913 with several additions added in 1923 including more classrooms, and again in 1965 with the gym and cafeteria. This building replaced the wooden original Balch School of 1867. The building is about 51,800 sq ft.


Callahan Elementary School
The Callahan Elementary School was constructed in 1930 with additions added in 1954 with the Northeast Wing. Named for Cornelius M. Callahan, lawyer, former school committee member, who was born and raised in the neighborhood. The building is about 33,500 sq ft.


F.A. Cleveland School
The F.A. Cleveland School was constructed in 1958 with additions added in 1965 with the South Wing. Built concurrent with Prescott School and opened Jan. 1959. Frederick A. Cleveland an economist and school committee member built Cleveland Park on Bond St. The building is about 49,000 sq ft.


Coakley Middle School
The Coakley Middle School was constructed in 1974 with additions added in 2004/2006 with the Modular Classrooms. Built as Junior High South after the 1971 school fire it has the same design as Jr. High North (Savage Ctr). Renamed Philip O. Coakley Middle School in 2004. The building is about 128,100 sq ft.


Norwood High School
The Norwood High School was constructed in 2011 and was built behind the torn down 1926 Old High School. The building is about 227,462 sq ft.

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Savage Center
The Savage Center was built as Junior High North in 1969, closed in 1991 and in 2003 was renamed James R. Savage Educational Center. Uses include: school offices, arts, alt. high school, senior center. The building is about 122,000 sq ft.


George F. Willett Early Childhood Center
The George F. Willett Early Childhood Center was built in 1968 as an elementary school and closed in 1981. Subsequent uses include school administration, HOP school classes, early childhood center (2004). The building is about 38,500 sq ft.


Oldham Elementary School
The Oldham Elementary School was built in 1962 with additions in 1990/1993 for Modular Classrooms. Named for John P. Oldham, former supervisor of custodians. Grandfather of Philip O. Coakley of CMS. The building is about 38,500 sq ft.

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Prescott Elementary School
The Prescott Elementary School was built identical to Cleveland School and opened Jan. 1959. Charles Prescott was finance commission member. First school building across Route 1. The building is about 36,000 sq ft.