About the Building Dept.


The Norwood Building Department enforces the Massachusetts State Building Code, including the Massachusetts Electrical Code and the Massachusetts Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code; as well as the Town of Norwood Zoning By-Law, including conditions of the Zoning Board of Appeals decisions for variances and special permits.

As part of our zoning enforcement effort, the department continues to conduct a public information campaign through brochures. We are constantly exploring ways to increase our level of customer service.

Personnel and Training - the Building Inspector, Plumbing & Gas Inspector, and Wiring Inspector continue to participate in continuing education and professional seminars.

Administration and support - Administratively, the Norwood Building Department continues to maintain a computer based permit processing program for all four disciplines, the place-of-assembly inspection process, the daily inspection of ongoing projects, and the enforcement of the Zoning By-Law. Work has begun to computerize our old records in an attempt to centralize the data base for building permits. Along with other departments, our office has assessed its Web page needs and continues to upgrade our presentation so that not only general information but department procedures, forms and applications are offered.

We appreciate Norwood residents for taking the time to get their permits.  Our approach to public service is founded on our commitment to exceptional service, our accessibility and responsiveness.