Literacy Volunteers

Change the World For One Person.

Many people in the Norwood area are unable to read street signs...write a check... read the warning label on a prescription bottle...or complete a job application. Some people can't speak English well enough to get a job, communicate with their children's teachers, or help with schoolwork.

Since 1983, more than 1000 adult learners have received FREE individual and small group instruction. 100 volunteers at the Norwood Library are helping people in our community improve their reading, writing and conversational English skills. For more information, contact the Literacy Department:

To become a tutor, you need:
  • Sensitivity
  • High school diploma
  • 18-hour training (Provided)
  • Time commitment (2 hours per week for a year)
You do NOT need::
  • Foreign language skills
  • Prior teaching experience

For more information, contact the Literacy Department:
Email ~ 781.769.4599