Old Parish Cemetery

Located on Washington Street, just north of the Norwood Town Hall, the Old Parish Cemetery was established in 1741, when the area was known as the Second or South Parish of Dedham. At the time, Norwood was a homogeneous settlement of white, Angle-Saxon, primarily Congregationalist families.  The Old Parish cemetery was situated on a steep, uninhabitable 3/4 acre piece of land called Sandy Hill in the northern part of the settlement.

Shortly after Norwood was incorporated in 1872, the Old Parish Cemetery was nearing capacity.  The Highland Cemetery on Winter Street was opened in 1880.

The Old Parish Preservation Volunteers is an independent non-profit group offering their time and willingness to work at improving the historical asset known as the Old Old Parish Cemetery. To learn more about volunteers visit 
 Old Parish Cemetery Masterplan - Part 1
Old Parish Cemetery Masterplan - Part 2                     

                Old Parish Cemetery Map