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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


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The Guild St will be closed from Broadway to Lenox St from Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th to allow crews to replace the bridge structure.

The track will close on Friday evening, April 21st after the last train passes at 8:30 pm. The track will reopen on Monday morning, April 24th, for the morning commute.

While the track is closed, commuter rail service will remain from Norwood Depot to Boston, South Station. Busses will serve the commuter rail stations from Franklin to Norwood Depot while the track is closed. 










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The Norwood Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town's infrastructure in the of streets, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm drains, public shade trees, miscellaneous town owned buildings and land, various component town's motor fleet. DPW is also responsible for Highland Cemetery.

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This information provides a general overview of our snow and ice program, frequently asked questions, winter tips and also seeks your support in providing safe streets and sidewalks during snow and ice emergencies.

The Town of Norwood's Public Works Department is responsible for removing snow from and de-icing 110 miles of roadway and 6 municipal parking lots in the winter season. The Town also plows 31 miles of sidewalk to ensure safe passage for pedestrians.

The Public Works Department uses 5 large salt (de-icing) trucks to de-ice roadways. When conditions warrant the plowing of roadways to make them safe, the Town uses 26 municipal vehicles and up to 30 contracted pieces of equipment on 32 plow routes.

Many factors can determine the Town's response to a snow event some of which may include:

a) the temperatures before, during and after a storm;

b) the amount of accumulated snow;

c) the duration of the storm;

d) the road surface temperature; and

e) the weather forecast for the following days

Plan of Operations:

1) When the snow starts falling, salt trucks are dispatched to apply de-icing materials such as road salt and liquid magnesium chloride to keep the roads safe.

2) When 2-3 inches of snow has accumulated on the streets a snow plowing operation usually begins.

3) Once the snow stops falling and the roads have been plowed the streets will again be treated with de-icing materials to prevent a œfreeze-up of the road surface.

4) Department personnel will then clear intersections and plow sidewalks and parking lots.

Black Road Policy:

Within four hours after the storm has ended it is the policy of the Norwood Public Works Department to have a bare (black) road surface on all main streets and arterial collectors. Residential side streets and cul- de-sacs will also receive similar treatment but may take longer to have a bare (black) road surface.

Parking Bans:

Norwood Town By-law (Article XII, Section 30) prohibits parking a vehicle on a street so as to interfere with the snow plowing or removal of snow or ice. Such vehicles will be subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Norwood's Parking Regulations also prohibit parking of vehicles for longer than 2 hours, 12 am - 6 am, on any street or Town owned parking facility from November 15th through April 1st.

Plow Damage:

The Town is not responsible for damaged lawns, sprinkler heads, fences, steps, trees or shrubs that are located within the public way.

The Town will be responsible for mailboxes that are physically hit by a plow. However, mailboxes will not be repaired if they are in a deteriorated condition or are damaged by snow pushback. Mailboxes and posts damaged by a snowplow will be fixed and/or replaced by the Town with a standard wooden post and black box. The Town will provide a check in the amount of $50.00 for homeowner's use for any specialty mailbox and/or post that cannot be repaired.

All plow damage must be reported to the Public Works Department by May 1st of the current snow and ice season. Damage reported after May 1st will not be considered for repairs or reimbursement by the Town of Norwood.

Residents are urged to place stakes with reflectors along the edge of lawns and the corner of driveways / walkways.

Plow vehicles, while employed by the Town cannot be hired or requested to clear private driveways or walks.

Sand / Salt Mixture for Residents

Norwood residents can pick up a sand/salt mixture in the following locations:

  • Babel's Paint Store Parking Lot (Cottage St / Nahatan St)
  • 370 Winter Street (on Winter Street at entrance to Landfill).
  • Hawes Pool Parking Lot (Washington St)
  • Norwood Memorial Airport Parking Lot (Access Road)

Please bring your own container (limit 5 gallons) and shovel. Commercial or private contractors not allowed.

By-law  No Snow Deposited in Public Way

Norwood Town By-law (Article XII, Section 32) prohibits the depositing of snow or ice onto or across any public way, including sidewalks or public property. This by-law addresses the ongoing problem of private contractors plowing snow from private driveways into the public way. This causes unsafe road conditions which must then be corrected by the Public Works Department.

Any such owner or agent violating this by-law shall be punished by a fine as well as any cost incurred by the Public Works Department to correct the condition.

Good Neighbor Policy:

In the interest of you and your neighbor's personal safety, please shovel out nearby fire hydrants.

alt alt

Neighbors Max Kane and Joey Ryan cleared this fire hydrant after the storm in 2013.

Please keep nearby catch basins clear of snow or ice to prevent street flooding during heavy rains or snow melting periods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do you wait to plow the snow off the streets?

A. After applying road de-icing chemicals, the Public Works Department waits for the chemicals to react with the snow to create a brine solution. This reaction time depends on a number of variables (i.e. traffic flow, temperature, etc.). The brine solution keeps the snow from adhering to the street and helps in the snow plowing effort.

Q. Do some streets receive priority during a snow storm?

A. Major (arterial) roads and hills are a top priority followed by service to arterial collector roads.

Q. Do the sidewalks receive the same priority as streets?
A. No. The roads are a priority for public safety reasons. Only highly traveled and school related sidewalks are plowed when the storm has ended.

Q. Why is the snow pushed into my driveway?
A. This situation is unavoidable. The plows remove as much snow as possible to allow for maximum clearance of the roadway to allow for 2 way traffic and safe passage of service and emergency vehicles.

Q. Why does my street always seem like it's the last one plowed?
A. Traffic volume is the determining factor for order in snow removal operations. You may feel that your street is last to be plowed, but our main objective is to make the roads safe for all drivers during snowstorms. Please be patient.

Q. Who determines the opening, closing or delayed opening of schools during a snow storm?
A. The School Department determines the opening, closing or delayed openings of school during a snow storm.

Q. Am I required to shovel the sidewalk in front of my property?
A. No. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40 Section 21 allows cities and towns to adopt ordinances that require property owners to keep the sidewalk in front of their property free of snow and ice. Norwood does not have an ordinance that stringent.

We do have an ordinance in the Town Bylaws, Article XII, Section 26, which requires any business or commercial enterprise to clear snow from the sidewalk in front of their property within 6 hours of daylight after any snow has ceased to fall. This ordinance is rarely enforced.

Public Works does clear snow from 31 miles of sidewalks in Town. These sidewalk routes were established by a joint effort between the Public Works, Police Department and School Department. It generally focus's on areas around schools, Norwood Center and Washington Street through South Norwood. While having Public Works plow all sidewalks may sound ideal, manpower and financial
restraints prohibit that from occurring.

Winter Tips:

1). Pay close attention to weather forecasts. Be prepared by having enough fuel for your vehicle, shovels, ice melter and proper winter attire.

2). Freezing rain and wet snow create the most slippery road conditions. Take your time.

3). When snow, sleet or freezing rain is forecast please stay off the roads, if possible.

4). For storm information concerning school or business closings please tune in to local television or radio stations.

To report unplowed or un-treated streets or for further information and suggestions on the snow operations policy for the Town of Norwood, please call the Public Works Department at 781-762-1413 or contact us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Norwood Public Works Department would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable winter season.




The Winter Street Composting Facility is strictly for the use of NORWOOD RESIDENTS!

Commercial, agricultural and industrial disposal is prohibited

Compost Facility permits are available from the DPW Administration Office located at the Public Works Facility at 1 Lyman Place on Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Your vehicle registration is required. The permit will be issued for the vehicle shown on the RMV Registration. Permits for commercial vehicles will be issued on a case by case basis only.Landscape contractors, property managers and similar businesses are ineligible for facility access.


Please note that the small, green paper permits are no longer valid and access to the facility will be denied. The permit style was changed in October of 2010 to a yellow, square sticker that must be affixed to the windshield and is valid for the specific vehicle noted on it. While the sticker is still free to Norwood residents and doesn't expire, it allows us to better track the use of the Winter St. Facility and is required for entrance.

Compost Facility staff monitor all vehicles that use the facility and have been instructed to report anyone suspected of violating these regulations. Should it be determined that a violation of the rules and regulations has occurred, the following penalties will be imposed:

1st offense: A verbal and written warning will be issued

2nd offense: Forfeiture of Compost Facility Permit

Each vehicle using the Compost Facility is required to have a permit, which must be displayed. Vehicles without a permit will not be allowed to use the Facility. If your permit is lost, or you sell your vehicle, please visit the DPW for a new permit.

This is another one of Norwood's great assests. Please assist us in ensuring its continued success.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

Leaf and Brush Disposal/Single Stream Recycling Dumpster

Open all year*
All year long, residents may bring leaves, brush and grass clippings directly to the Winter Street Composting Facility on Saturdays from 10:00am to 3:30pm. There is also a dumpster for Single Stream Recyclables. Residents are allowed to dispose of excess single stream recycling materials and cardboard boxes that are too large to be put in your recycling cart.

Beginning July 1, 2012, residents will be allowed to dispose of a maximum 3 bulky items per week, free of charge, or, they can arrange for a curbside pick up for a fee. See "Bulk Item Disposal Policy" on the Public Work web site for more detailed information.

*Please note that there is no yard waste disposal on Hazardous Waste or Recycling Day.


Please be sure to empty the materials out of any plastic bags and to dispose of the bags in your regular trash.

The leaf composting pile is for leaves (loose or in biodegradable paper leaf bags), garden waste, and hedge clippings. Please: no rubbish, dirt or sod, stones, or brush.

The brush pile is only for brush and small shrubs. Maximum length allowed is 6 feet - maximum diameter is 8 inches.

Please: no landscape timbers, railroad ties, fencing, building debris, or other refuse.


Effective July 1, 2012 the Town will offer an additional option for residents to dispose of their 'bulky' items. Bulky items are individual items that are too large to fit into the household trash car. The Town will provide a dumpster at the Winter St. Compost Facility for residents to dispose of their bulky items free of charge. Residents still seeking curbside pickup must purchase a sticker ($25 cash only) for each item being disposed of and then contact the DPW to request the pickup.

How to Drop Off an Item:

  • Residents must have a yellow Compost Facility Resident Sticker to enter the facility. To obtain a sticker please bring your vehicle registration to the DPW office Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00am and 3:00pm. There is no cost for the sticker and it does not expire.
  • The facility will be open on Saturdays year-round from 10am - 3:30pm.
  • Residents will be limited to three (3) bulky items per week.
  • An additional attendant will be on-site to monitor the disposal of items.
  • A dumpster will be available for most items. Metals and white goods (appliances) will be diverted to a separate area to be recycled.

How to Schedule a Pickup:
  • Purchase a sticker ($25 cash only) at the Town Hall payment window (Treasurers Office) for each item to be picked up.
  • Residents will be limited to three (3) bulky items per week.
  • White goods (appliances), TV's, computer monitors and metal items are picked up on Fridays. All other bulky items are picked up on Mondays.
  • Contact the DPW (7:00am - 3:00pm, Monday through Friday) at 781-762-1413 to request the pickup. Calls received by noon on Thursday (for Friday's pickup) or noon on Friday (for Monday's pickup) will be scheduled for the next pickup day.
  • Place the stickered item(s) curbside prior to your scheduled pickup date.

What types of items can be disposed of?
Items such as mattresses, couches, bureaus and bicycles would be considered 'bulky' items. Trash bags or boxes filled with materials would not be considered 'bulky' and are not eligible for either curbside pickup or disposal at the Winter St. facility. A more extensive list of items and disposal options can be found by selecting 'Documents' > 'Public Works' > 'Bulk Item Disposal Options', or click here Bulk Item Disposal Options
Residents are encouraged to do the following:
  • Take advantage of furniture/appliance companies who offer free disposal of mattresses, box springs and appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher).
  • When hiring a contractor to perform work at your home ensure that he/she is responsible for the removal and disposal of any construction debris (windows, doors, carpeting, fencing).





The Town of Norwood's Cross Connection Control Program, as mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection, is a key element of the Water & Sewer Division's operation. Norwood is committed to protecting the public water system from contamination due to backflow or back siphonage of connections containing non-potable water.

Back pressure and cross contamination can occur when the pressure in equipment or a system is greater than the pressure in the drinking water system. Contamination can also occur when the pressure in the drinking water line drops due to occurrences such as main breaks and heavy water demand causing contaminants to be sucked out from the equipment and into the drinking water system  Norwood's water system is protected by the control of actual or potential cross connections through two programs:

  • The elimination of existing or future cross connections through inspection and regulation of plumbing and water piping within a customer's premises.
  • The proper installation and maintenance of backflow preventers on services to premises where actual or potential cross connections exist to prevent backflow or back siphonage of contaminants or pollutants from the customers' premises into the public water system.


Every six months, as required by Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations, the Town of Norwood performs backflow device testing as a fee for service program. Devices are tested and a report is given to the property owner.  Follow up tests are performed if the device failed the initial test. Repairs to backflow preventers are repaired by independent firm at the owner's expense. Reporting and management of survey and testing reports is the responsibility of the Town of Norwood. Conditions of the system are reported to the Mass DEP.


Leaf and Brush Curbside Pick-Up

Leaf and brush pick up is provided every week on your regularly scheduled trash day from April through November. Residents can also drop off yard waste at the Winter Street Composting Facility on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm with the exception of Hazardous Waste and Recycling Days. NOTE: Resident Sticker Required (see Winter Street Composting Facility Regulations section for more information)

Please be aware that factors beyond our control - weather, equipment breakdowns, emergencies, and especially volume during peak leaf season - may cause delays in the pickup schedule.

Please remember:

  • Paper leaf bags only - no plastic bags, no barrels or other containers
  • 50 lbs. maximum weight
  • No dirt, sand, sod, rocks or brush
  • No rubbish or building materials
  • Please keep the bags dry
  • Only leaf bags manufactured specifically for leaf collection purposes will be picked up. They are readily available at most hardware stores, home centers, garden shops, supermarkets and at many other outlets. The Public Works Dept. no longer sells leaf bags.
  • Brush shall be limited to 4 tied bundles, 4 feet in length and manageable enough for one person to load onto the trucks. Do not use metal wire to tie the bundles. (Metal wire destroys the grinding machine.)


For information regarding the use of rain barrels, including local vendors please visit:

Norwood residents may request free water conservation fixture kits (low flow shower heads, faucet aerators and dye tablets to detect toilet leaks) and educational information from the MWRA. The Department of Public Works also has a limited number of these kits on site available to residents. Please click the link and select the "Water Conservation Fixture Request Form".

Stormwater Management






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