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DPW Administrative Offices     

165 Nahatan Street

Doris Burtman

Recycling Program Coordinator

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Phone: 781.255.9988

Fax: 781.762.9378

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-12noon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling Updates (as of October 24th)

Recycler of the Month Contest-New!trophy

Entries are currently being accepted for the Recycler of the Month Contest. Click the following link below to nominate a Recycler of the Month . 
It could be you! 

Compost your PUMPKINS! New!
Pumpkins are an organic waste and can therefore be diverted for composting! 
Norwood residents are asked to NOT throw their pumpkins in the trash cart (and never in the recycling cart) but instead divert pumpkins to the leaf bags or drop off at the Winter Street Compost Site. Click pumpkin composting flier
       How to prepare pumpkins before composting:
             1. Completely remove candles and other decorations
            2. Slice up your pumpkins 
       Pumpkins can be composted either by:

            1. Curbside leaf bags- distribute pumpkin slices/chunks as evenly as possible into leaf bags for weekly curbside pickup

           2. Drop off - 
sliced or whole, but clean of decorations at the Winter Street Compost Site. Use bucket/pail to
                 collect and transport clean pumpkins to the Winter Street Compost Site. Saturdays only. See DPW
                 Attendant on duty.

            Pumpkins only. Please bring your bucket home with you. Thank you.

Bay State Textiles  wants the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY textiles.  They want clothes with missing buttons, broken zippers, stained clothing, holey socks, one sock / one shoe, pocketbooks, belts and out of date clothing. All textiles are sold. The textiles are repurposed and resold as other goods.

The Town of Norwood, the Norwood Public Schools, and Bay State Textiles are partnering efforts to keep textiles out of the trash!  BST boxes are at the compost site (open every Saturday) as well as at each of the schools including the Savage Bldg and the Willett preschool. Place all donated textiles in plastic bags and secure up top, then toss bags into any of the textile collection boxes.  Norwood schools and DPW are reimbursed at $100/ton of donated textiles.

Animal Control
needs clean towels, and bedspreads to be used at the Norwood Animal Shelter. Please go to Animal Control page. 

Styrofoam (FOAM) recycling- do not place FOAM of any kin the the recycling carts. FOAM is a major contaminant in the single stream recycling program. FOAM must be recycled separately at one of the three FOAM Recycling drop off events: Spring Recycle Day, Fall Recycle Day and the Saturday after Christmas. All drop off events are held at the Winter Street Compost Site. Please go to to view what types of FOAM is acceptable.

Alkaline batteries can be dropped off for recycling at either the Spring or Fall Recycling Day. Sponsored by Board of Health. 

Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off for recycling at Staples, Home Depot, Radio Shack and Apple Legacy Place under the Call2Recycle take back program. If you don't see a designated drop State Waste Bansoff area in the store, go to customer service. customer service desk. 

          Home Depot take back container

     Home Depot


Waste Ban yellow sign

MA Department of Environmental Protection began issuing

State Waste Bans in 1990. The Town of Norwood (as are all

municipalities) is required to comply with State Waste Bans 310 CMR 19.017.  The town's Recycling/Solid Waste Contract collects specific recyclable materials required by state regulations, which are to be diverted to the recycling cart (yellow lid.) Click 

The following recyclable materials are referred to as curbside recyclables because they are collected at the curb and are banned from the trash. They are:

      1.  Clean cardboard and box board (cereal boxes-

           no liner insert, shoe boxes-remove everything inside, tissue boxes)  

      2.  Click Updated list of recyclable papers

                                      papers image 

     *Do not include paper towels, tissue paper, paper plates or cups, paper napkins


     3.   Glass containers (no eye glasses, no glass cookware, etc..)


      4.   Tin containers, empty aerosol cans, clean tin foil, tin cookie containers

                                 Bottles & Cans                               


        5.   Recyclable containers- No Styrofoam, NO plastic bags,

Click Recycle Often, Recycle Right- Do's and Dont's

If a Waste Management driver sees waste bans materials in the cart, he is required to sticker it and call it in to WM dispatch.

If the Waste Management recycling driver observes "other" materials (otherwise known as contaminants) in your recycling cart,   the cart will get a sticker which is just a means of informing you what not to put in your cart. Your cooperation is required.

Do NOT place the following in the recycling cart:

           1. trash


           3. plastic bags

           4. yard waste

           5. Wood debris of any kind

           6. organic waste

           7. garden hoses

                          If you have any questions, please call 781.255.9988

                         preferably between 8am and 12noon, Monday-Friday

                                      or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           Anti idling

                                 Please turn off your engine, if you know you are                                        
                                       going to be more than 5 minutes.                   

    This is a public health issue as well as an environmental issue.

                                    Thank you for your cooperation.


1. Only approved WM carts provided by the town will be serviced.  Carts must be placed curbside by 7:00 am on your scheduled pick up day.  Carts must also be returned to your property the same day by 9:00 pm.  


2. Please follow the 3 foot rule when placing your carts curbside. Carts need to be three feet away from everything. It is your responsibility to space the carts correctly.

                                  3 foot rule

3. Only curbside recyclables are allowed in the 96 gallon recycling cart.

Please click  Recycling Right.

4. The 64g trash cart is for household trash only.  It is NOT for commercial waste.
Cart lids should be able to close (unless there is a stick inside.) Do not place trash on top of lid nor on the curb, it will not be taken. Do not leave trash on curb.

Property owners are responsible for program compliance. Property owners of multifamilies are responsible for their tenants compliance.

If there are materials in your recycling cart which should not be in your recycling cart, the WM recycling driver will sticker the recycling cart as a means of informing you. The recycling driver is held responsible for any and all contamination in Norwood recycling loads, which
are brought to the Single Stream Recycling Facility in Avon MA. 

If a property receives multiple WM stickers and continues to be non compliance, the town will issue a non compliant letter to that property owner.  If non compliance continues, the town reserves the right to refuse recycling and trash services.

If residents divert acceptable materials to the recycling cart, divert rigid plastics, scrap metals, textiles, & books to the compost site, divert medications and pet medications to the Norwood Police kiosk, and post for sale or for free other items you no longer want or need, then what is left IS household trash.

Program compliance will save tax dollars.
Program compliance will protect our natural resources.
Program compliance is the right thing to do.
Program compliance is necessary.

Thank you.

The 1st goal is always to trash.
The 2nd goal is to REUSE materials.
The 3rd goal is to RECYCLE all acceptable materials in the curbside recycling program.

Norwood's trash is sent to an incinerator. Reducing trash means decreasing air pollution, and greenhouse gases and protecting natural resources as well as  saving you taxpayer money! Reducing trash is always the primary goal.

Click How to Make Less Waste.

Reducing trash involves:

1. Full participation in the single stream recycling program. Please KNOW what is acceptable and make every effort to divert ALL acceptable curbside recyclables to the recycling cart. Tossing acceptable recyclables in the trash is like tossing our natural resources in the trash!
PLEASE NOTE: 2nd recycling carts are available to residents at no charge! Call Town Hall 781.762.1240 and speak with Dorothy.
2. Composting organic food scraps...  more information to come

3. Collecting, diverting and dropping off rigid plastics, books, textiles, scrap  metals  at the Winter Street Compost Site in the designated roll offs.

4. Give it away for free at

5. Post it on FaceBook yard sale page

6. Sell it on Ebay, or Craigslist or have a yard sale.

7. Donate it to the Women's Community Thrift Store in So Norwood, or Savers on Rt 1 in Norwood.
8.  Knowing where other materials can be diverted is key in reducing trash.
PLASTIC BAGS - clean & dry without receipts inside can be returned to the grocery store
RIGID PLASTICS- can be dropped off at compost site
BOOKS - can be dropped off at compost site
- can be dropped off at compost site
MEDICATIONS & PET MEDICATIONS -can be dropped off at the kiosk at the Norwood Police
ELECTRONICS - can be dropped off at Best Buy

                         If you have any questions re how to reduce trash,

                 please call 781 255 9988 between 9:00am -12:00pm noon.

Norwood's recyclables are taken to the Single Stream Recycling Facility in Avon Ma. To watch watch happens to the recyclables once they are arrive at the facility, watch How are recyclables sorted at the recycling facility? 

Read Where Does the World's Waste Go?               


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