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DPW Administrative Offices
165 Nahatan Street

Doris Burtman, Recycling Program Coordinator

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Phone: 781.255.9988

Fax: 781.762.9378

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-12noon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Learn the Issues. Be the Solution.                                                                                  

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We only love what we understand. We only understand what we are taught."  Babia Dioum Senegalese, Ecologist

Where Does the World's Waste Go?                                                                                                                            


310 CMR 19.017: Waste Disposal Ban Regulation

In an effort to conserve and protect natural resources, the MA Department of Environmental Protection has issued State Waste Bans, which require MA residents and companies to recycle certain materials. It's the LAW to RECYCLE
                               View State Waste Bans list
                   View Waste Bans for Property Managers
                               View What goes where in Norwood

Please note:

1. The Town of Norwood is required by law to comply with State Waste Bans. Your recycling efforts and cooperation are appreciated and necessary.  If what's inside your cart(s) are noted as being in non-compliance, your cart will be stickered by the Waste Management drivers.  If  non compliance continues, you will recieve a formal letter from DPW.  If non compliance becomes chronic, the town reserves the right to refuse trash and recycling services and remove carts from said property.

2. Property owners of mixed use properties MUST hire their own private trash/recycling
hauler for all of its commercial/business waste. Business waste is NOT allowed in Norwood's residential trash and recycling program.

Single Stream Recycling is simply a method of collecting "curbside" recyclables.

Click SingleStreamRecyclingChart 2014 to view all the materials to go inside the recycling cart. Please click here to view all the papers you can recycle in the single stream recycling cart. Do you  know by simply diverting these materials to the recycling cart, you can reduce your trash by 50- 75%!

  96g  yellow lid recycling cart
  Properly spaced carts with cart lids closed
  Carts are unobstructed

For other recyclables NOT ALLOWED IN THE SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING CART, please click here .

In addition, Norwood DPW has several recycling drop off containers at the Winter Street Compost Site for:
1. Overflow of curbside recyclables
2. Books
3. Textiles flier  and Textile Recycling List
4. Rigid Plastics
5. Scrap Metals
6. Mercury products accepted at the Mercury Recovery Shed and non bulb mercury items list

DO NOT BRING TRASH, STYROFOAM, & PLASTIC BAGS to the recycling drop off area. 

Still can't find a place for your material, go to


The trash and recycling program in Norwood is designed by cart size to reduce trash (64g cart) and increase recycling (96g cart.)  The trash program is is for HOUSEHOLD trash only. Trash should be placed in plastic bags and placed inside the trash cart. Cart lids should be able to close. Do not leave trash on top of cart lid or on the ground.  It's all about reducing trash, finding reusable uses for materials and then recycling "curbside" recyclables.  Your compliance is very much needed.

If you have an item to big for the trash cart, and it is in reasonable shape, you can:
1. Give it away for free at
2. Sell it on Ebay, Craigslist or have a yard sale.
3. Donate it to Salvation Army or Savers both on Rt 1 in Norwood.
4. Pay $25 for a curbside pick up.
5. Drop it off at the compost site. Permit required. Call DPW at 781 762 1413.
6. Call the Recycling Coordinator at 781 255 9988; Monday-Friday, 9am -12noon. Or send an email to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for reuse alternatives.

Household Hazardous Waste Day sponsored by Board of Health is Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Read Where Does the World's Waste Go? 



The Town of Norwood is asking residents
to self nominate for The Recycler of the Month contest . 
Please click here to be redirected to the Public Works page
for more information . 


Past "Recycler of the Month" winners are:
December 2013- Lois D'Allesandro
January 2014 - Debbie Spingarn 







To find out what day of the week trash and recycling carts should be curbside, click  Trash recycle by street or call DPW at 781.762.1413.

To find out what week your recycling cart should be curbside, click Recycling Calendar 2014 .

Trash is picked up weekly.  Recyclables are picked up every other week.

Its always about  REDUCING trash, REUSING MATERIALS, and then RECYCLING specific materials in the right recycling program.  Questions? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Interested in learning more about recycling, sustainability, conservation, etc....go to


Trash and Recycling Curbside Compliance

The Town of Norwood strives to be in compliance with the State Department of Environmental Protection's State Waste Bans.  Read Fact Sheet: Your Municipality and State Waste Ban Compliance  for more information. Also, read State Waste Bans fr DEP 2013 to learn what materials MUST NOT  go in the trash.

In addition to complying with State Waste Bans, Norwood residents must abide by the town's curbside program compliance, which is: 

          * Carts are curbside no later than 7am on your scheduled trash day.

         * Cart lids are closed.

        * Leave nothing on top of the cart or on the ground.

       * Carts are spaced 4feet apart & are not blocked by anything.

        * Carts are returned to your property by the end of the day.

         * Carts are to stay on the property they were assigned.
         * Comply with DEP Waste Bans as well as the town's trash and recycling program guidelines.

         *DO NOT contaminate the recycling cart with trash, plastic bags, Styrofoam, electronics, mercury products & yard waste.

Waste Management drivers are required to sticker carts in question, and call in noncompliant properties on a daily basis.  Non compliance letters are sent out by DPW to residential property owners who are in non compliance with the town's trash and recycling contract as well as in violation of DEP's State Waste Bans. Chronic non compliance can result in carts being removed from your property.

Norwood's recyclables are taken to the Single Stream Recycling Facility in Avon Ma. To watch watch happens to the recyclables once they are arrive at the facility, watch How are recyclables sorted at the recycling facility?

The Winter Street Compost Site also serves as a recycling drop off area for specific recyclable materials. For Norwood residents only. Permit required. Call DPW 781.762.1413.


1.  Curbside recyclable materials only - please flatten cardboard. Click here to read the updated list of papers now included in the recycling program.
2. Books via More Than Words drop off container

3.  Textiles.  Click textile list.  More on textiles .

4.  Rigid Plastics

5.  Scrap Metals

6.  Mercury Recovery Shed

7.  Button Cell Battery Collection in the Mercury Recovery Shed

Its the Law! 

Keep mercury items out of the trash!    

Norwood residents can now DROP OFF mercury bulbs, mercury non bulb products, button cell batteries and rechargeable batteries as well as household batteries at the Mercury Recovery Shed on Saturdays only. Click Residential Mercury Flier to read more.

Click Mercury bulb pictures  to view the variety of mercury bulbs to be diverted to the Mercury Recovery Shed. Another not so recognizable mercury bulb is the HID lamp, which is also acceptable for drop off at the Mercury Recovery Shed.

Click Mercury non bulb poster to view the list of products containing mercury. These products must be diverted to the Board of Health during the week during business office hours or to the Mercury Recovery Shed on Saturdays only from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

Did you know one little button cell battery has as much mercury as an 8ft fluorescent tube? Please NEVER throw button cell batteries in the trash. Click BUTTON CELL BATTERIES to view the many types of button cell batteries that should NEVER be thrown in the trash and can now be dropped off at:

1. Mercury Recovery Shed
2. DPW Administrative Offices
3. Town Hall
4. Senior Center

To access the Mercury Recovery Shed, you will need a town residential permit( no fee) to the Winter Street Compost Site. Please call DPW at 781.762.1413 

Button cell batteries are the round disc like silver batteries found in watches, toys, cameras, calculators, laptops, hearing aids, car remotes, digital organizers etc..

Please NEVER throw button cell batteries in the trash.
They contain very high amounts of mercury. To view the many button cell battery sizes and types, click Button Cell Batteries .  The DPW has several button cell battery collection boxes around town and we ask that you drop them off at any of the following locations:

1. DPW Administration Offices                  
2. Town Hall
3. Senior Center
4. The Winter Street Composting Site
5. CVS Store on Nahatan Street                             


RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES should be diverted to a drop off rechargeable battery recycling program.

NOTE: The ends of the batteries must be taped with electrical, masking or duct tape so that the battery poles are not exposed. Place the batteries in a zip lock bag. 

1. Click Call2Recycle to view the many drop off locations for rechargeable batteries.
2. Go to to find a local rechargeable drop off collection.
3. Mercury Recovery Shed at the  Winter Street Compost Site. Call DPW at 781.762.1413 for more information.


1. Go to to find a drop off place in the Norwood area.
2. Drop off at the spring or fall town Recycle Days sponsored by the Board of Health.
3. Drop off at an auto store such as Advanced Auto at no charge.
  Do NOT drop off lead acid batteries at the Winter Street Compost Site

Prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, pet medications, prescription ointments, vitamins and more can be dropped off at the Norwood Police Station Kiosk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No questions asked. Click here to read more.

                   TogetherYes is sponsoring 

                Blue Gold- World Water Wars

                    an environmental film    

             at the  Morrill Memorial Library
         Tuesday, April 9th. Please join us!

Click  TogetherYes   to read about the Earth Day event happening in Norwood.



The State Department of Environmental Protection BANNED leaves, grass and other yard debris from the trash in 1991. Leaves and grass and other yard debris are strictly prohibited from entering the trash and should never go in the trash or recycling cart.

Please click Yard Waste Options to read more.

Read Everything you need to know about compost .

Read Composting Yard and Food Waste- DEP.

Go to How to compost the Organic Way.

Read What's compostable and what isn't?

Read Using Finished Compost.

Click Online tutorials and view how to compost.

Norwood's next FOAM drop off event is scheduled for May 10, 2014 during Spring Recycle Day. Please click ReFoamIt to view what Styrofoam products you can and cannot drop off for recycling.

NOTE: It is recommended to avoid Styrofoam whenever possible. Styrofoam is a major pollutant when it ends up in the trash, which is then incinerated. Read Environmental Hazards of Styrofoam.

If you have Styrofoam PEANUTS, the UPS Store on Rt1A in Walpole will accept and reuse the Styrofoam peanuts in their packaging materials. Call ahead (508.668.8700) to confirm they will take your Styrofoam peanuts.

If you have any questions about where to recycle what, click Earth911 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you for your continued recycling efforts!

Spring Recycle Day and Household Hazardous Waste Day is Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring and Fall Recycle Day events allow residents the opportunity to drop off recyclable materials not accepted in the curbside recycling program. Some fees applied.

If you have any questions about the biannual Recycle Days or the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day, please call Board of Health at 781.762.1240.


Earth911 is an independent website to help you find what and where other materials can be recycled or reused. This is a guide to local resources, how to recycle, prevent pollution and how to help protect the environment.  Please go to to read more.

The 1*800* is the Recycling Location Search Engine. Simply enter your zip code and click the materials icon you are interested in finding a home for and then press enter. The following page will provide you an extensive listing of take back and local recycling programs in the 02062 area.  If you scroll down just a bit, you can stay up to date via Recycling News.

Recycling Education Videos


What materials go in the Single Stream Recycling cart?

Recycle Therapy Part 1

Recycling Therapy Part 2 

Recycling Therapy Part 3

Recycling Therapy Part 4


Saving Little Pieces of Our Earth

Turning a Water Bottle into Clothes

Waste Solutions Inc. - Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling in the Boston Area

Best Buy

Best Buy offers the Best Buy Take Back Program (electronics) and a Best Buy Trade In Program (a gift card for gently used electronics and games) as well as in store kiosks for DVD's, CD's, CD jewel cases, cable wires,  and more. Go to Best Buy Kiosk; scroll down on the left side of the web page where you can link on for the kiosk.

It is strongly encouraged residents divert all electronics to the Best Buy E-waste Recycling Take Back program. Simply drop off up to 3 electronics / visit to Best Buy on the wood pallet at the Customer Service desk. No fee! Also, you can trust Best Buy to hire electronic recyclers who are certified and comply with
recycling standards set by the EPA and the Basel Network. For more information, click  Best Buy Recycling Standards .

Destroying the hard drive in your computer
It is strongly advisable to destroy the old hard drive before you recycling your computer. A hard drive is a small box inside the computer equipment containing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, usernames, passwords, social security numbers and other personal information. In an effort to protect your personal identity, it is strongly recommended you destroy your computer's hard drive before you sell, donate or recycle it.
Some professional hard drive destruction methods include:
       Shredding your hard drive by using a local shredding company
       Taking your computer to a computer recycling company or a local computer shop
              and ask that the hard drive be destroyed
If you want to destroy the computer hard drive yourself,  click

How to Destroy Your Computer's Hard Drive .

Construction and/or Wood Debris (C&D) 
C & D is BANNED material by the State Department of Environmental Protection from entering the residential trash cart. Contractors are required to comply with DEP State Waste Bans. Contractors, residents, and tenants are NOT allowed to put wood and/or construction materials in the residential trash cart, nor are they allowed  to place it in the recycling cart. If C & D is found in either of the carts, the Building Inspector will be immediately notified.

It is the property owner's responsibility to hire a contractor who will comply and properly dispose of construction and wood debris. Click managing construction debris for compliant disposal options.

Silicone Gel Packets -6 uses

Click here .


Smoke Detectors

At this time, DEP does not ban smoke detectors from the trash. Please read MA DEP smoke detectors information .   For additional reading, click Smoke Alarm Regulations .

However, you can recycle SMOKE DETECTORS by:

1. Sending it back to manufacturer for responsible recycling!

2. Reading SmokeDetector Recycle guide and finding a store near you, which accepts smoke detectors for recycling.

Athletic Metals 

Medals4Mettle (M4M) is a non-profit organization that facilitates the gifting of marathon, half marathon, and triathlon finishers’ medals. Runners from around the world give their hard earned medals to Medals4Mettle. Our worldwide network of physicians and volunteers then awards these medals attached to a Medals4Mettle ribbon to children and adults fighting debilitating illnesses who might not be able to run a race, but are in a race of their own just to continue to live their life. It is in honor of this mettle and courage in bravely facing these challenges that they are awarded a medal. 

 Click Medals4Mettle to read more.


Tired of your trash cart smelling like dog poo? Keep dog poo out of the trash!  

Read How to build a doggie septic system .


Tired of your trash cart smelling like cat litter?

Read Reusable cat litter as an alternative to kitty litter.

Trophy Recycling

Click Trophy Recycling to learn more about this.







The Norwood Junior Woman's Club is partnering efforts with Norwood DPW to collect and recycle ink jet cartridges, printer cartridges, cell phones and small electronics. There are collection boxes in the DPW lobby, Town Hall and coming soon to the Winter Street Compost Site. Click here  to view a collection box with more information. 

Questions or comments please contact Angela Popalo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Get the mail you want, not the mail you don't want.

Click DMA Choice to remove your name from mailing lists,

emails, phone calls, etc....


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