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Recycling Department
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Trash/Recycle pick up by street
Recycling Calendar 2016
Curbside Recycle/Trash Guidelines
The Winter Street Compost Site & Recycling drop off area
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Composting yard and organic waste
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Recycling Department

Department of Public Works
1 Lyman Place

Recycler of the Month Contest for Norwood Residents

Enter the Recycler of the Month contest today! You can nominate yourself,someone in your family, a neighbor, a co-worker or simply someone you want to see recognized and rewarded for their recycling dedication and commitment.
Click here to read more. Please for Norwood residents only.

Click the link below to nominate a Recycler of the Month:

Recycler of the Month Winners!

February 2016- Sherry Lane

January 2016- Jack & Joyce Higgins

December 2015 - Theresa Petrucci

November 2015-Ellen Pulda

October 2015-Andrew Garczynski

September 2015-Voula Koktisidis

August 2015-Fred Canniff

July 2015-Vic Babel

June 2015-MaryPaz

May 2015 - David Baranowski

April 2015 - Catherine Madden


March 2015- the James Family


February 2015- Pasquale Bertucca


January 2015- Rob Grub

March 2015 - Jessica James family

February 2015 - Pasquale Bertucca

January 2015 - Rob Grub

Please take a minute and watch the previous Recyclers of the Month videos, click here . Thank you Norwood Public Access!

Ma State Waste Bans 310 CMR 19.017

MA Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) began issuing State Waste Bans Regulations in 1990. Every town and city and business in the State of MA is required to comply with State Waste Bans 310 CMR 19.017.Click State Waste Bans to learn what materials are prohibited from the trash. Click WM Waste Ban picture chart to view Ma State Waste Bans in a picture format.

Businesses needing recycling assistance, please call 1 888 254 5525 or click RecyclingWorksinMa.

View Fact Check Businesses and State Waste Bans-What you need to know click here .

To read more about DEP and what's new in recycling, please visit
DEP Recycling web page/

All trash and recycling carts belong to the Town of Norwood. Carts are to remain on the property they were delivered. The DPW reserves the right to remove carts, if they were not assigned to property in question.

If either of your carts need repair or replacement, please call Waste Management (WM) at 1.800.972.4545. WM will send someone out to repair or replace at no cost.

If you need a 2nd recycling cart, please go to town hall to fill out a 2nd recycling cart application in the town manager's office. Call 781.762.1240, if you need more information. There is no charge for a 2nd recycling cart. Your recycling efforts are appreciated!

Please NEVER contaminate the recycling cart with trash.

All recycle materials must be free of food residue.
Please rinse and empty all CONTAINERS made from glass, tin, and recyclable plastics.
Recycle Often. Recycle Right.

Recyclable Papers List to view an updated list of papers to recycle.

Click Bathroom Recycling to learn more about recycling product packaging in the bathroom.
Remove pumps from containers and throw in trash. Empty aerosol cans before recycling.

Absolutely NO trash, plastic bags, yard waste, Styrofoam, clothes, wood, electronics, or mercury products can be placed in the recycle cart.

Trash carts are for only residential household trash. Absolutely no commercial waste, wood construction, vinyl siding, yard waste, paint, household hazardous waste, textiles, scrap metals or mercury products are allowed in trash cart. WM drivers are required by State Law to leave carts behind, if they see any of the above items in the trash cart.

If you have a bulky item, and it is in reasonable and reusable condition, please FIRST consider giving it away, or selling it online or posting on Facebook's Yard Sale page.

ReStore's Habitat for Humanity Donations Center will accept bulky items, appliances, surplus paint and much much more. Or you can schedule a pick up of your items. Click ReStore's Acceptable Donations List to read more.

If your bulky item is truly trash, call DPW at 781.762.1413 to find out what your options are.

To find out when your street is scheduled for recycle and trash pick ups, click Trash recycle by street

Or call DPW 781.762.1413.

Recyclables are collected every other week on your regular trash weekly collection day. Place ONLY the acceptable recyclable materials in recycle cart. Click Recycle Often. Recycle Right.

Click 2016 Recycling Calendar to view the recycling every other week pick up schedule. If you would like the 2016 Recycling Calendar in magnet form for the refrigerator, please visit the DPW Administrative Offices, 1 Lyman Place.

Curbside Guidelines

1. Trash is picked up weekly. Recycling is picked up every other week. Trash and recycle carts must be curbside by 7am on your regularly scheduled trash day. Drivers will not go back if you don't have your carts out curbside.

2. Please follow the 3 foot rule when placing your carts curbside. Carts need to be three feet away from everything else. It is your responsibility to space the carts correctly. alt

It is your responsibility to place carts where drivers can empty them.

3. Carts must be placed at the edge of the roadway with wheels facing away from the street.

4. Please be sure cart lids are closed.

The Winter Street Compost Site
& Recycling drop off area information

Address: 370 Winter Street

Hours of Operation: Saturdays only from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Residential Use Only- NOT for commercial use

Residential permit required. Please call DPW at 781.762.1413 to learn how to obtain a residential sticker (no charge.)



If you find you have an overflow of cardboard boxes or curbside recyclables, residents can drop them off in the designated single stream recycling containers.

Remove shrink wrap around bottled water. NO yellow plastic ties. NO trash. NO foam products. NO plastic bags. NO PIZZA BOXES.

Styrofoam Recycling Drop off is here! Only white foam such as foam coolers and packing blocks , no food container, including coffee cups. No insulation, soft foam or pipe insulation. 

Bulk Item Disposal Policy and Fees

If your bulky item(s) are in fairly good shape, please donate (reuse) it before trashing it. A few suggestions re where or what you can do with your bulky item.

1. Habitat for Humanity Restore - 1580 Vfw Pkwy,Boston, MA· (617) 327-1170. You can drop off or schedule a pick up with Habitat.

2. Savers Thrift Store -560 Boston Providence Hwy, Norwood- drop off

3. How to freecycle - post on freecycle for free. Everything is free on freecycle!

4. Host a yard sale or donate to a charity yard sale in town

5. Register for Facebook's Yard Sale sites- post online

REUSE is a far more sustainable than disposal.

1. Habitat for Humanity- Restore site - 1580 VFW Pkwy, Dedham MA. Schedule a pick up or drop off. Surplus paint is accepted.

The official Bulk Item Policy is posted on the Public Works web page. Please click Bulk Item Policy to view the bulk item acceptable list, costs, & options.

A bulk item is generally defined as something too large to fit into the 64 gallon town trash cart. If your bulk item is something you no longer want or need and is in decent condition, please consider donating it as a reuse item for others.

Keeping Bulk Items OUT of the trash saves tax dollars as well as your own money. Equally important considerations to extend the life of your bulk item is to understand 1. reuse creates much less trash, which prevents pollution caused by transportation and incineration, and 2. reuse protects natural resources.

Electronics Donation and Recycling information from EPA

Apple Recycling

Best Buy Recycling
Staples Recycling and Eco Services

Recycle your Dell
Electronics TakeBack Coalition

Yard waste and grass CANNOT go in the trash or recycling cart. Your cart(s) will not be emptied, if yard debris is found in either cart.

Organic waste (relating to or derived from organic material) is inclusive of leaves, grass as well as potted plants, house plants, house trees, annuals, perennials, vegetable and flower debris, stem cuttings, special occasion flowers, Christmas trees and wreaths (remove all decorations), branches, etc.. Organic waste should not enter the trash or recycle carts. Organic waste should be diverted for composting. Not only are leaves and grass banned from the trash (State Waste Ban) but diverting organic debris from the trash will save significant tax dollars.

Please click MaDEP Home Composting Tips to learn more about composting. To view a readable chart, click Composting 101

The town collects Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and "other" non curbside recyclable materials twice a year. The bi annual collection events are sponsored by the Health Department.
If you have any questions, please call 781.762.1240 x 176.

The Spring Household Hazardous Waste and Recycle Day is Saturday, May 7th, 2016.
The Fall Household Hazardous Waste and Recycling Day is Saturday, September 24th.

It is held at the Winter Street Compost Facility located at 370 Winter Street from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Some fees apply. Norwood residents only. The Health Department mails out a newsletter a month before each HHW /Recycle Day event.

Please go to to find a recycling/disposal for hard to manage materials.

Did you know the Norwood Police have a kiosk open 24 hours a day in the Norwood Police lobby for the safe disposal of prescription medications as well as cat and dog medications you no longer need?
If you have unused or expired medications, drop them off in the kiosk for safe and proper disposal.

Please click here to read the list of items to be dropped off in the kiosk.

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