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Organic yard debris is a State Waste Ban material.

Yard waste and grass do not belong in the trash and is on the State Waste Ban list of materials not accepted in the trash.

Organic waste (relating to or derived from organic material) is inclusive of leaves, grass as well as potted plants, house plants, house trees, annuals, perennials, vegetable and flower debris, stem cuttings, special occasion flowers, Christmas trees and wreaths (remove all decorations), branches, etc.. Organic waste must not enter the trash or recycle carts. Organic waste must be diverted for composting.

Click Yard Waste Options to learn more.

Residents have 3 options to manage yard waste or organic material.

Backyard compost bins are available for purchase at the Norwood Board of Health for $20.00. Call 781.762.1240. Or you can make your own compost unit.


The Winter Street Compost Site located at 370 Winter Street is the drop off site for organic yard debris, branches, etc..No rocks. No fencing.

This is also the recycling drop off site for books, textiles, scrap metals, rigid plastics, mattresses and box springs.

Residential permit required. Call DPW @781.762.1413.

altLeaf bags can be purchased at most grocery stores or at Home Depot, or Lowes>
Leaf bags can be filled with organic yard debris. NO rocks, fencing, trash, ashes, etc. Leaf bags are picked up curbside by Norwood DPW from early April to the end of November.Questions? Call Recycling at 781.255.9988.

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