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Curbside Guidelines

Set Out

Carts must be placed at the edge of the roadway with wheels facing away from the street. Please follow the 3 foot rule when placing your carts curbside. Carts need to be three feet away from everything. It is your responsibility to space the carts correctly. alt

Collection Schedule-New Residents!
To find out what day of the week your address is schedule for curbside recycling (every other week) and trash (1x/week) pick up, please click Trash recycle by street or call DPW @ 781.762.1413.

Recyclables are collected every other week on your regular trash weekly collection day. Place ONLY the acceptable recyclable materials. Click Recycle Often. Recycle Right.

Acceptable recyclables must be placed in the cart loosely. Do not place plastic bags of recyclables in your recycling cart. Plastic bags of any kind jam the huge single stream recycling machines at the recycling facility. The driver will reject your recycling cart at the curb, if he sees any type of plastic bags.

The Town of Norwood seeks to be in compliance with Ma State Waste Bans
alt301 CMR 19.017.
Please refer to the yellow banner on the side which states what materials
Massachusetts residents are required to recycle.

However, the only acceptable materials on this list allowed in the recycling cart are:
RECYCLABLE PAPERS (& cardboard & milk cartons (empty) CLICK list of recyclable papers

For more information please click Recycle Often, Recycle Right to view a chart re what can and cannot go in the town curbside recycle carts.

For example:
1. LEAVES AND YARD WASTE (inclusive of flowers, other organic debris, trees, wreaths, dirt...)are not allowed in trash or recycle carts. Click here to learn what your options are.

2. ASPHALT PAVEMENT, BRICK & CONCRETE are not allowed in the trash or recycle carts. Please go to to see what your options are.


Haulers and municipalities strive to work together to be in compliance with Ma State Waste Bans.

Visit Ma DEP and read more about reduce, reuse and recycle, copy and paste

To read up on DEP Enforcements, go to

To read more, click Waste Bans for Property Managers

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