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1. Only approved WM carts provided by the town will be serviced.  Carts must be placed curbside by 7:00 am on your scheduled pick up day.  Carts must also be returned to your property the same day by 9:00 pm.  


2. Please follow the 3 foot rule when placing your carts curbside. Carts need to be three feet away from everything. It is your responsibility to space the carts correctly.

                                  3 foot rule

3. Only curbside recyclables are allowed in the 96 gallon recycling cart.

Please click  Recycling Right.

4. The 64g trash cart is for household trash only.  It is NOT for commercial waste.
Cart lids should be able to close (unless there is a stick inside.) Do not place trash on top of lid nor on the curb, it will not be taken. Do not leave trash on curb.

Property owners are responsible for program compliance. Property owners of multifamilies are responsible for their tenants compliance.

If there are materials in your recycling cart which should not be in your recycling cart, the WM recycling driver will sticker the recycling cart as a means of informing you. The recycling driver is held responsible for any and all contamination in Norwood recycling loads, which
are brought to the Single Stream Recycling Facility in Avon MA. 

If a property receives multiple WM stickers and continues to be non compliance, the town will issue a non compliant letter to that property owner.  If non compliance continues, the town reserves the right to refuse recycling and trash services.

If residents divert acceptable materials to the recycling cart, divert rigid plastics, scrap metals, textiles, & books to the compost site, divert medications and pet medications to the Norwood Police kiosk, and post for sale or for free other items you no longer want or need, then what is left IS household trash.

Program compliance will save tax dollars.
Program compliance will protect our natural resources.
Program compliance is the right thing to do.
Program compliance is necessary.

Thank you.

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