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Norwood's Single Stream Recycling Program

What is Single Stream Recycling?
Single Stream Recycling (SSR) is simply a method of collecting "curbside" recyclables.  SSR allows for all curbside recyclables (the same materials we sorted out into bins) to be placed together in ONE cart.  The curbside automated single stream recycling program is designed to collect MORE of the same recyclable materials in one cart! This collection system is designed to makes it easier and less time consuming for residents, while increasing the opportunity to recover and recycle more materials in the 96g recycling cart.
Norwood will even provide a 2nd recycling cart at no charge. Simply call the General Manager's office at 1.781.762.1240 and speak with Dorothy about obtaining a 2nd recycling cart. 

Do you know by simply diverting the above mentioned materials to the recycling cart, you can reduce your trash by 50- 75% saving taxpayers dollars? Equally important is the recylcing industry keeps Americans employed, while protecting our natural resources, reducing pollutants, and protecting environmental and public health.

What "curbside" recyclable materials go in the recycling cart?

Clean cardboard & boxboard
Cartons- empty milk, juice and other beverages
Papers- click        to view all the papers you can now include plus what you should not include
Glass containers
Tin containers
,including empty aerosol containers, clean foil, clean foil food plates
Recyclable plastic containers only.  Please NO STYROFOAM AND NO PLASTIC BAGS in the recycling cart.

Click SingleStreamRecyclingChart 2014 to view all of the recyclable materials accepted in the recycling cart.

Why is recycling important?
The recycling industry NEEDS more of the acceptable recyclable materials to not only stay in business, but to
grow their business. We must provide a steady, if not increasing supply of recyclable materials via recycling cart. In order for the recycling industry to succeed, all of us need to increase our diversion of recyclable materials. Without a steady flow of these materials, they industry can't grown. Keep in mind the recyling industry provides much needed jobs to Americans with the possiblity of increasing employment opportunities for Americans. 

Are the carts provided by the town?

YES! Norwood provides curbside recycling and trash services for single family homes and multifamily homes with 2-6 units only. Each home or unit is provided with 1 96g recycling cart and 1 64g trash cart. The town will also provide a 2nd 96g recycling cart at no charge.  We don't want residents to throw curbside recyclables in the trash because your recycling cart is full before the bimonthly pick up date.  Call the general manager's office at 781.762.1240 and speak with Dorothy re obtaining a 2nd recycling cart. Please note: trash and recycling carts belong to the Town of Norwood. If you are moving within the town or out of town, leave all carts on the property. Do NOT remove carts from the property they were originally assigned.

Recycling cart is the larger 96g cart with yellow lid.
Trash cart is the smaller 64g cart with the green lid .
                               96g recycle cart & 64g trash cart

Who do I call if my carts are damaged?
Please call the Waste Management broken cart phone number at 1.800.972.4545.  WM will send someone out to repair or replace your cart-no charge. 

What do I need to know about participating in the recycling and trash program?

web page being updated. Please come back soon.

Cart placement


Follow the 3 Foot Rule

Both recycling and trash cart lids must be closed.

If you would like a 2nd recyling cart at no charge, please call the General Manager's office at 781.762.1240 and speak with Dorothy. Please don't throw recyclables materials in the trash because your recycling cart is full

For other recyclables NOT ALLOWED in the single stream recycling cart, please click here .


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