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Waste Ban yellow sign

MA Department of Environmental Protection began issuing State Waste Bans in 1990. Every town and city in the State of MA is required to comply with State Waste Bans 310 CMR 19.017.  Click State Waste Bans  to learn more.
The above yellow chart lists all materials required to be recycled. 

However, ONLY the following materials are allowed in the town's recycling cart :

      1.  CARDBOARD and BOX BOARD -clean (free of food
            debris) examples are cereal boxes(remove inside plastic
shoe boxes-remove everything inside, tissue boxes, etc..
       2.  Click PAPERS 

                                      papers image 

     *Do not include paper towels, tissue paper, paper plates or cups, paper napkins.

      3.   GLASS CONTAINERS - please no eye glasses, no glass cookware, etc..

      4.   TIN CONTAINERS empty aerosol cans, clean tin foil, tin cookie containers,etc..

                                 Bottles & Cans                               

     5. RECYCLABLE PLASTIC CONTAINERS- look for the triangle on the bottom of the container with any number from           1-7. Rinse out.  Do not place Styrofoam or plastic bags or trash in the recycling cart.

Click  Recycle Often, Recycle Right- Do's and Dont's

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