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Waste Ban yellow sign

MA Department of Environmental Protection began issuing

State Waste Bans in 1990. The Town of Norwood (as are all

municipalities) is required to comply with State Waste Bans 310 CMR 19.017.  The town's Recycling/Solid Waste Contract collects specific recyclable materials required by state regulations, which are to be diverted to the recycling cart (yellow lid.) Click 

The following recyclable materials are referred to as curbside recyclables because they are collected at the curb and are banned from the trash. They are:

      1.  Clean cardboard and box board (cereal boxes-

           no liner insert, shoe boxes-remove everything inside, tissue boxes)  

      2.  Click Updated list of recyclable papers

                                      papers image 

     *Do not include paper towels, tissue paper, paper plates or cups, paper napkins


     3.   Glass containers (no eye glasses, no glass cookware, etc..)


      4.   Tin containers, empty aerosol cans, clean tin foil, tin cookie containers

                                 Bottles & Cans                               


        5.   Recyclable containers- No Styrofoam, NO plastic bags,

Click Recycle Often, Recycle Right- Do's and Dont's

If a Waste Management driver sees waste bans materials in the cart, he is required to sticker it and call it in to WM dispatch.

If the Waste Management recycling driver observes "other" materials (otherwise known as contaminants) in your recycling cart,   the cart will get a sticker which is just a means of informing you what not to put in your cart. Your cooperation is required.

Do NOT place the following in the recycling cart:

           1. trash


           3. plastic bags

           4. yard waste

           5. Wood debris of any kind

           6. organic waste

           7. garden hoses

                          If you have any questions, please call 781.255.9988

                         preferably between 8am and 12noon, Monday-Friday

                                      or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           Anti idling

                                 Please turn off your engine, if you know you are                                        
                                       going to be more than 5 minutes.                   

    This is a public health issue as well as an environmental issue.

                                    Thank you for your cooperation.


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