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Curbside Recycling -  Common Q& A

96g recycle cart & 64g trash cart

Single Stream Recycling (SSR) is simply a method of collecting "curbside" recyclables.  SSR allows for all curbside recyclables (the same materials we sorted out into bins) to be placed together in ONE cart.  The curbside automated single stream recycling program is designed to collect MORE of the same recyclable materials in one cart! This collection system is designed to makes it easier and less time consuming for residents, while increasing the opportunity to recover and recycle more materials in the 96g recycling cart.

Click Recycle Right to learn what materials are accepted in the recycle cart. 
The official single stream recycling video is  Toss It, Baby: Single Stream Recycling Official Music Video 


1.   Ma DEP compliance with State Waste Bans
2,  Recycling saves tax dollars!
3.  Recycling protects our natural resources and reduces pollution, reduces greenhouse gases (GHG) 
      and supports the necesary infrastructure for a successful recycle industry, which employs Americans.         
4.  Recycling protects public health and environmental health.
5.  Recycling is the right thing to do!
6.  Recycling empowers people. Its the one thing we can do everyday to decrease our environmental footprin

Are 2nd recycling carts available? Is there a charge?
YES! NO Charge! In an effort to demonstrate the town's commitment to increasing the collection of curbside recyclables, 2nd recycling carts are available to Norwood residents at NO charge!
  If you find your recycle cart is full and you are nearing the end of the 2nd week before recycling pick up, please go to town hall and fill out an application for a 2nd recycle cart. Or call the General Manager's office at 1.781.762.1240 and speak with Dorothy. Please don't allow any curbside recyclable materials to be thrown in the trash.
What is contamination?
Contamination is when materials (other than curbside recyclables) are placed in the recycling cart making the recyclables collected unsuitable for the process of recycling. Do NOT place plastic bags of any kind, Styrofoam, yard waste, rigid plastics, trash, the single stream recycling cart. Recycle Right!  Please

American jobs are dependent on clean non contaminated recyclable loads. Please recycle every piece of paper, cardboard, and tin containers, glass containers and recyclable plastic containers!

What happens if my recycling cart is contaminated?
The recycling driver often times will spot contamination as the cart is being emptied into the truck. He will leave a sticker on your cart as a means of informing you. If the contamination continues, he is required to continue to sticker your cart again and again. After three attempts to inform you, he is required to call the property address in on the daily tag list.  Once DPW is aware of the non compliance, the property owner will be officially notified by mail. Compliance to the town's recycling and trash contract is taken seriously.The town reserves the right to terminate trash and recycling services due to chronic non compliance. 

NOTE: Please pay attenton to the WM drivers. They are required to comply with state regulations as well as the town contract and Waste Management's driver safety policies. Trash and recycling program compliance is necessary on all levels: town, residents, drivers, and recycling facilities for the recycling industry to succeed.  If there is more than 8% contamination in a recycling load, it can be refused and disposed of as trash. What a waste of perfectly good recyclable materials. 

Who do I contact if either of my carts have been damaged?

Please call 1.800.972.4545. WM will send someone out to repair or replace your cart at no charge.
Your damaged cart will be removed, if it is to be replaced.                       

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