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Single Stream Recycling is simply a method of collecting "curbside" recyclables.

Click SingleStreamRecyclingChart 2014 to view all the materials to go inside the recycling cart. Please click here to view all the papers you can recycle in the single stream recycling cart. Do you  know by simply diverting these materials to the recycling cart, you can reduce your trash by 50- 75%!

  96g  yellow lid recycling cart
  Properly spaced carts with cart lids closed
  Carts are unobstructed

For other recyclables NOT ALLOWED IN THE SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING CART, please click here .

In addition, Norwood DPW has several recycling drop off containers at the Winter Street Compost Site for:
1. Overflow of curbside recyclables
2. Books
3. Textiles flier  and Textile Recycling List
4. Rigid Plastics
5. Scrap Metals
6. Mercury products accepted at the Mercury Recovery Shed and non bulb mercury items list

DO NOT BRING TRASH, STYROFOAM, & PLASTIC BAGS to the recycling drop off area. 

Still can't find a place for your material, go to


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