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State Implements Organic Food Waste Ban

Click State Implements Food Waste Ban and watch WCVB coverage of the latest state waste ban, which went into effect October 1, 2014.
The organics food waste ban applies will affect supermarkets, colleges, hotels, convention centers, nursing homes, hospitals, large restaurants, and food service companies. Individual residents are not affected. Click
Commercial Food Waste Ban to read more. Need help, click RecyclingWorks .

Click here to read local Health Department guidance for commercial food waste separation.

Norwood is creating organic food waste pathways for residents to divert organic food waste out of the trash and into one of three ways of composting. In the fall of 2014 Norwood DPW encouraged residents to divert pumpkins from the trash to the town composting site. Pumpkins are an organic waste and can and should be diverted for composting. Norwood residents were asked to NOT throw their pumpkins in the trash cart (and never in the recycling cart) but instead divert pumpkins to the leaf bags or drop off at the Winter Street Compost Site.

If you would like to start composting organic food waste as a resident or tenant:

*Identify organic food waste: egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetable and fruit discards. Do not include dairy or meats or cheeses or bones which would attract wildlife.

*Collect organic food waste under the sink or on the counter or in your freezer.

*Empty -every couple of days or twice a week (depending on how much is collected) take the collected amount with a garden shovel, and dig a hole on the top of your compost heap and cover it with leaves and other debris.

*Learn about vermicomposting. Contact the Recycling Coordinator, if you are interested in composting with worms.

Looking for a recycler or composter for your business?

Click Find a Recycler and get going! To speak with a Recycling Expert, please call their hotline

@ 1.888..254.5525 . To email your question, send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you are a recycler and would like to be included in RecyclingWorks database, please click
add your company.

Learn about recycling other materials, click here.

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