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last update on Oct 20, 2014

Recycler of the Month Contest!
Entries are currently being accepted for the Recycler of the Month Contest. Please click here to get you to the nomination page. It could be you!  

Compost your PUMPKINS! NEW! 
Pumpkins are an organic waste. Norwood residents are asked to NOT throw their pumpkins in the trash (or recycling) cart this year, but instead place your pumpkin (cut up and sliced up) in the brown paper leaf bags for curbside pick up or drop off at the Winter Street Compost Site.  Cutting up the pumpkins will accelerate the decomposition process. Be sure candles and other decorations are removed before placing in leaf bags or dropping off at compost site.

Bay State Textiles
wants the good, the bad and the ugly! Torn, broken zipper, stained, out of date textiles are wanted for reuse and repurposing.
Please do not include damp or moldy textiles. Place donated textiles in bags and place in textile collection box. Textile collection boxes have been placed at each of the Norwood Public Schools as well as the Winter Street Compost Site.

Foam (Styrofoam) Recycling - the next foam recycling event is scheduled for Saturday, December 27th from 10am to 3pm. Please go to to review acceptable foam products.


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