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Recycling Updates (as of October 24th)

Recycler of the Month Contest-New!trophy
Entries are currently being accepted for the Recycler of the Month Contest. Please go to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it page and click on Recycler of the Month Nomination tab, which will redirect you to the survey page. It could be you!

Compost your PUMPKINS!
Pumpkins are an organic waste and can therefore be diverted for composting! 
Norwood residents are asked to NOT throw their pumpkins in the trash cart (never in the recycling cart) but to divert them to the leaf bags or drop off at compost site. 

How to prepare pumpkins before composting:
1. Completely remove candles and other decorations
2. Slice up your pumpkins

Pumpkins can be composted either by:
       1. Curbside leaf bags- distribute pumpkin slices as evenly as possible into leaf bags for weekly
           curbside pickup.

       2. Drop off pumpkins (sliced or whole, but clean of decorations) at the Winter Street Compost Site.
            Use bucket to collect and transport clean pumpkin slices to the Winter Street Compost Site (Saturdays
            only.)  See the DPW Attendant on duty. 
            Pumpkins only. Please bring your bucket home with you. Thank you.

Please note:
compost site sticker is required to use facility. Call DPW at  781.762.1413 re obtaining a compost site sticker.

Bay State Textiles- keep clothing, shoes, stuffed animals out of the trash!
Bay State Textiles (BST) wants the good, bad and the ugly textiles- just NOT moldy or damp. BST will pay $100 /ton for our textiles. Textiles are shipped to other countries (for profit.) The women in these communities depend on our textiles, which they re-purpose and sell as a way of creating their own business. 

The Town of Norwood, the Norwood Public Schools, and Bay State Textiles are partnering efforts to keep textiles out of the trash!   BST boxes are at the compost site (open every Saturday) as well as at each of the schools including the Savage Bldg and the Willett preschool. Place all donated textiles in plastic bags and secure up top, then toss bags into any of the textile collection boxes.


do not place Styrofoam in any kind in town recycling carts. Styrofoam is a major contaminant in the single stream recycling loads leaving Norwood. Recycling carts will be stickered if Styrofoam is in inside. Styrofoam must be recycled separately at one of the three recycling drop off events in Norwood.

The next foam recycling event is scheduled for Saturday, December 27th at the compost site from 10am to 3pm. Please visit to review acceptable foam products before dropping them off.

Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries are recyclable!
Single use and rechargeable batteries can NEVER go in the recycling cart.

However, single use batteries will be collected for recycling at the Spring or Fall Recycle Days. Collected alkaline batteries will be shipped out for recycling 
courtesy of the Health Department

Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off for recycling at any Staples, Home Depot, Radioshack, and Apple Store Legacy Place. Want to read more re Rechargeable Battery Take Back Program, go to Call2Recycle and learn more. 

It's the law to recycle.

In an effort to conserve and protect natural resources,the MA Department of Environmental Protection has issued state waste bans,which require residents & businesses to recycle materials.
                               View State Waste Bans list
                   View Waste Bans for Property Managers
                               View What goes where in Norwood

Please note:

1. The Town of Norwood is required by law to comply with MA State Waste Bans. Your recycling efforts and cooperation are necessary and appreciated.  If what's inside your recycling cart is noted as being in non-compliance, your cart will be stickered by the Waste Management drivers.  If  non compliance continues, you will receive a formal letter from DPW.  If non compliance becomes chronic, the town reserves the right to refuse trash and recycling services and remove carts from said property.

2. Property owners of mixed use properties MUST hire their own private trash/recycling hauler for all of its commercial/business waste. Business waste is NOT accepted in Norwood's residential trash and recycling contract.

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