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Recycling Updates!

Recycle your outdated Christmas lights!

DPW Director Mark Ryan drops off holiday lights for recyclingIf you have Christmas lights you no longer want or need, please drop off your lights in the DPW Administrative Offices, M-F between 8 am -3 pm or drop off at the Winter Street Compost Site on Saturdays. Residential permit required.

Styrofoam (FOAM) recycling

The next FOAM drop off recycling event is:

Saturday, December 27th
Winter Street Compost Site
10 AM to 3 PM

Do not place FOAM of any kind the the recycling carts. FOAM is a major contaminant in the single stream recycling program. FOAM must be recycled separately at one of the three FOAM recycling drop off events: Spring Recycle Day, Fall Recycle Day and the Saturday after Christmas. All drop off events are held at the Winter Street Compost Site.

NOTE: Volunteers Needed!
If you can volunteer for any 1-2 hours during the 10AM to 3PM event, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Leave your name, cell number and what hour(s) you can commit to. Your volunteer time is most appreciated!

Key for Hope - Recycling Keys to Help Others

altNorwood Recycling has partnered efforts with Key for Hope to collect unused keys, old
dog licenses as a way of recovering small pieces of scrap metals. Its estimated that 400
million keys are thrown away yearly! Instead of tossing unused keys in the trash, the
recycling department is asking you collect your unused keys and old expired
dog licenses (inclusive of metal pet name tags) and drop them off at any of the
following locations.
*Ace Locksmith * DPW Administrative Offices * Town Hall lobby and
*Treasurer's Office (3rd floor of town hall where dog licenses are renewed yearly.)
All proceeds are to benefit the Norwood Food Pantry.

To read more go to or call 1.508.580.6701

Bay State Textiles
wants the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY textiles. Clothes with missing buttons, broken zippers, stained clothing, holey socks, one sock / one shoe, pocketbooks, belts and out of date clothing are all wanted! Just not moldy or damp textiles. All textiles are sold. The textiles are re purposed and resold as other to read the entire list of acceptable textiles.

The Town of Norwood, Norwood Public Schools, and Bay State Textiles are partnering efforts to keep textiles out of the trash! BST boxes are at the compost site (open every Saturday) as well as at each of the schools including the Savage Bldg and the Willett preschool. Place all donated textiles in plastic bags and secure up top, then toss bags into any of the textile collection boxes. Norwood schools and DPW are reimbursed at $100/ton of donated textiles.

Click December2014Newsletter to read how Norwood compares with other towns re textiles collection.

Animal Control
- please check with the Animal Control Officer, if he is in need ofalt
blankets, bedspreads, towels, etc...for the care of the stray animals at
the shelter. 
To read more click  Animal Control page.

Alkaline batteries can be dropped off for recycling ONLY at either the Spring OR Fall Recycling Day. Do NOT drop off at Mercury Shed. Sponsored by Board of Health. To read more about alkaline battery recycling go to

Rechargeable batteries are recyclable under the Call2Recycle take back program. The following stores support the Call2Recycle take back program and have a designated drop off box for rechargeable batteries usually by the customer service desk. There is no charge.
*Staples click in store drop off recycling programs-free
*Home Depot - Click
here to read all the materials Home Depot will take back-free of charge.
*Radio Shack in the Walpole Mall

*Apple Legacy Place

Button Cells batteries are filled with mercury and are lethal, if ingested by a small child or pet. The ONLY batteries accepted at the Mercury Shed is Button Cell Batteries.

Lead Acid Batteries - According to lead acid batteries may be taken back to Home Depot, or Advanced Auto Parts or the biannual Household Hazardous Waste Day which is held in May and September. Call Board of Health for more information re hazardous waste at

Smoke Detectors - according to the manufacturer because smoke detectors have such small amounts of radioactivity in them, they are not considered hazardous waste. It is recommended residents mail them back to the manufacturer. Please mail your spent radioactive smoke alarm back to the manufacturer and perhaps ask them to come up with a better plan for collecting and recycling them.

At this time a town collection program is not possible because it is ill advised to collect radioactive items together. SeMass (the incinerator where Norwood's trash is taken) does not want them in the trash.

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