Town of Norwood

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School Facilities Task Force  (The Committee of 21)
Members as of July 18, 2008


 Board of Selectmen  

 Gerard Kelliher


 Board of Selectmen

Thomas McQuaid
(Formerly Roger Ferris as Board designee)


 School Committee

 William Plasko, Jr


 School Committee

 Paul Samargedlis
(Formerly Chris Morrison)


 Finance Commission

 Alan Slater


 Finance Commission

 Allan Howard
(Formerly Ellie Travers)


 Capital Outlay Committee

 Joseph Greeley



 Theodore Callahan


 Town Meeting Member

 Mark Hoover


 Town Meeting Member

 Robert Maloof
 (Formerly George Vlachos)


 Town Meeting Member

 Michael Reilly


 Town Meeting Member

 Jean Hubbard


 Town Meeting Member

 Richard Kief


 Town Meeting Member

 Peter McFarland


 Town Meeting Member

 Michael Lyons


 Town Meeting Member

 Kristin Thomas


 Town Meeting Member

Judith Howard
(Formerly Paul Poznick)


 General Manager

 John J. Carroll


 Town Clerk & Accountant

 Robert Thornton


 Superintendent of Schools

 Dr. John Moretti
 (Formerly Dr. Edward Quigley)


 School Business Manager

(Formerly Bill Hurley)



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Latest Events

Tue, Mar 31st, 2015, @7:00pm - 08:00PM
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
Wed, Apr 1st, 2015, @1:00pm - 03:00PM
Blood Pressure Clinic
Wed, Apr 1st, 2015, @5:30pm - 06:30PM
Finance Commission Meeting
Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015, @8:00am - 09:00AM
Skating Rink Committee Meeting
Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015, @1:00pm - 02:00PM
Council on Aging Meeting


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