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Board of Assessors Revaluation Inspections of Properties

Beginning in October, 2018, all properties in the Town of Norwood will be inspected.  The company conducting the inspections is Vision Government Solutions.  They will begin visiting all properties, interior and exterior, and taking an exterior photo. Each inspector will carry both a Vision Photo Identification Badge and a Letter of Introduction from the Assessor's Office.  If a person 18 years of age or older is available to allow entry, the data collector will request an interior inspection of the property.  The inspectors will be driving cars with an Assessors' sign posted and will be registered with the Assessors' Office and the Norwood Police.  Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Early Voting Information for 2018 State Election

Community Preservation Act: Open Project Application Period 10/1/19 - 11/30/18

Solar Power at Norwood Landfill