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Located on the Second Floor of Town Hall, Harry P. Butters Chambers
Phone: 781-762-1240
Fax: 781-551-5967

Fran Jessoe, Administrative Assistant, x132
Christina Mulvehill, Assistant Administrative Assistant, x131

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Thomas F. Maloney, Helen Abdallah Donohue, Chairman Allan D. Howard, William J. Plasko, Paul A. Bishop 


At the election which was held on Monday, April 4, 2016, Helen Abdallah Donohue was reelected to serve on the Board. 

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, Allan D. Howard was elected Chairman of the Board. 

Selectmen Meeting Calendar


Executive Session  Information

Reasons for Convening Executive Session (M.G.L. Chapter 39, S.23B)

  1. To discuss the reputation, character, physical condition or mental heatlth -- rather than the professional competence -- of an individual. (See Rights of Individuals)
  2. To consider the discipline or dismissal of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against a public officer, employee, staff member or individual. (See Rights of Individuals)
  3. To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigation if an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the government's baragaining or litigating position. Also, to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with non- personnel; to actually conduct collective bargaining and contract negotiations with non- personnel.
  4. To discuss the deployment of security personnel or devices, e.g., a sting operation.
  5. To investigate charges of criminal misconduct or to discuss the filing of criminal complaints.
  6. To consider the purchase, exchange, taking, lease, or value of real property if such discussion may have a detrimental effect on the negotiating position of the government body.
  7. To comply with the provisions of any general or special law or federal grant-in-aid requirements (generally privacy).
  8. To hold an initial screening, (including interviews if they are part of the initial screening process) of candidates for employment if an open meeting would have a detrimental effect in obtaining qualified candidates.

Procedures for Convening Executive Session

  1. The session must be convened in open meeting and notice given.
  2. Chairperson announces the purpose of the executive session.
  3. Majority must vote in recorded roll call for executive session.
  4. Chairperson announces whether the meeting will reconvene in open session.
  5. Votes taken in executive session must be recorded roll call votes.

Rights of Individuals

  1. When a governmental body wishes to discuss the reputation, discipline or dismissal of an individual, it must notify that person in writing at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
  2. The individual may request that the meeting be held in the open.
  3. If an executive session is held, the individual has the right to be present during discussion that pertains to him or her, to have counsel or a representative of choice present, and to speak on his or her own behalf.

Any individual may tape-record, or videotape from one or more designated locations determined by the governmental body, as long as there is no active interference with the meeting. This right does not apply to executive sessions.

Town of Norwood - License fees - Weekdays/Sundays

license fees 2012



Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agendas


Selectmen 1872 to 2011




Samuel E. Pond 1872-1878        
J. Edward Everett 1872-1876 1878-1882   1885-1887  
Willard Gay 1872-1876        
Tyler Thayer 1877-1885 1887-1891      
George H. Morse 1877-1893        
Frank A. Fales 1882-1903        
John J. Gillooly 1891-1893 1915-1916      
Fred L. Fisher 1893-1902 1903-1908      
George H. Bateman 1893-1901        
Richard E. Oldham 1901-1911        
Samuel E. Winslow 1902-1909 1910-1913      
James A. Hartshorn 1908-1915        
James W. Conger 1909-1910 1911-1914      
Daniel F. Slattery 1913-1915        
Alfred L. Atwood 1914-1915        
Frank G. Allen 1915-1924        
George K. Bird 1915-1918        
J. Oliver Barr 1915-1920        
Patrick J. Lydon 1915-1920        
John E. Folan 1916-1919 1938-1939      
Walter F. Tilton 1918-1924        
Thomas B. Mulvehill 1919-1931        
Edmund G. Dalton 1920-1932        
H. Eugene Rice 1920-1926        
Eugene Endicott 1924-1927        
Harold W. Baker 1924-1933        
Arthur J. Forrest 1926-1932        
Phillip Dennett 1927-1928        
Herbert H. Miller 1928-1930        
Herbert A. Baker 1930-1933        
Peter J. Feeney 1931-1937        
John M. Mutch 1932-1935 1936-1938      
Eugene L. Murphy 1932-1935        
Harry B. Butters 1933-1969        
Daniel Collins 1933-1936 1942-1944      
Charles F. Holman 1935-1947        
Sture Nelson 1935-1938 1942-1946   1947-1950 1951-1952
Herbert V. Brady 1937-1938 1940-1942      
Charles E. Houghton 1938-1941        
Frank W. Smith 1938-1940        
Charles L. Donahue 1941-1943        
Thomas J. Foley 1942-1942        
Clement A. Riley 1942-1945 1946-1949   1950-1953  
Michael J. Curran 1944-1947        
H. W. Anderson 1945-1948        
Walter J. Dempsey 1947-1956 1957-1969   1971-1974 1976-1988
George C. O'Brien 1948-1951        
C. Lothrop Rich 1949-1976        
Daniel E. Callahan, Jr. 1953-1956        
Alonzo F. Swift, Jr. 1953-1957        
James J. Drummey 1956-1962        
John A. Abdallah 1956-1962 1965-1968      
Martin J. Lydon 1962-1965 1977-1981      
Thomas K. McManus 1962-1965        
Joseph F. Curran 1966-1971 1974-1980   1982-1993  
Olga A. Abdallah 1969-1971        
Joseph W. Wall 1969-1978        
John F. Lydon 1969-1975        
William F. Butters 1971-1977 1980-1995      
George S. Usevich 1975-1978        
Mary J. Fox 1978-1981        
William J. Plasko 1978-1982 2000 -      
John F. Kinnaly 1980-1995        
Thomas A. Riolo 1981-1999        
Gary M. Lee 1988-1994 1995 -      
Timothy J. McDonough 1993 -2002        
Domenic J. Fruci 1994-2000        
Susan Wilson McQuaid 1995-2001        
John P. Ryan 1999 -2002        
Helen Abdallah Donohue 2001        
Dennis J. Drummey 2002 2005      
Gerard J. Kelleher 2002 - 2011        
Thomas J. McQuaid 2005 - 2011        
Gary M. Lee 1995-2006        
Michael J. Lyons 2006-        

Allan D. Howard






Paul A. Bishop







Regulations for use of the Town Common 

USE OF NORWOOD TOWN COMMON & The Walter J. Dempsey Memorial Bandstand                                                  
 All requests for use of the Town Common and the Walter J. Dempsey Memorial Bandstand must be approved in advance by the Board of Selectmen.
 Procedure by Applicant:
 1.         A standard application form should be submitted to the Board of Selectmen at least thirty (30) days prior to the event giving the following information:
             a.         Individual, group or organization making request
             b.         Person in charge - name, address, and telephone
            c.         Type of activity or event
            d.         Date of event
            e.         Time event is to start - time event is to finish
            f.          Special requirements - electric power, sound system, etc.
2.         The request will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen to see if the event is consistent with policy.  Additional information shall be obtained if necessary.

 3.         A letter of approval or disapproval shall be sent to the person making the request by the Board of Selectmen.


 1.         Use of the Common and Bandstand should be restricted to Norwood non-profit groups, organizations and individuals, as well as Town sponsored events.

 2.         The Common and Bandstand may be used for passive activities and events such as art shows, political events, celebrations and concerts, but not for active programs such as sports, games, carnivals, etc.

 3.         Bands scheduled for concerts must be approved by the Board of Selectmen.  Concerts should not be publicized outside of the Town of Norwood, unless with the specific permission of the Board of Selectmen

 4.         No vehicles shall drive or park upon the Common unless specifically authorized by the Town.

 5.         No heavy equipment of any type which could cause damage to the grass or walkways shall be placed upon the Common.

 6.         No bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards or rollerblades are allowed on the Bandstand.

 7.         The Police Department shall be the enforcement agency for any and all portions of this General Policy & Guidelines.

  8.         Care must be taken to prevent damage to the Bandstand, trees, shrubs, flower beds and grass.

 9.         No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted on the Common. 

10.       After the event, the sponsoring group must clean up the Common and Bandstand and leave it in substantially the same condition that it was in before the event.  The clean-up must be accomplished on the same day as the event. All rubbish must be removed by the sponsor. 

11.       At the discretion of the Board of Selectmen, a police officer (or police officers) may be required to be present at the event, to be paid for by the applicant.

 12.       The amplification of sound may be restricted by the Board of Selectmen, and the authority to restrict the level of amplitude may be made without prior notice by a police officer during an event.

 13.       No person or applicant upon receiving a permit to conduct an event shall refuse to obey or neglect to obey any reasonable direction of the Superintendent of the Department of Public Works or a Police Officer.

 14.       All situations not defined in this policy, or requests for exception to this policy, must be ruled upon by the Board of Selectmen.

 15.       Public or private events on the Common and on the Bandstand shall be limited to the following hours, unless specified by the Board of Selectmen.  No persons shall stand or loiter on the Common or the Bandstand after 10:00 P.M.

                                    Hours:            Monday - Saturday 8:00 -10:00 PM

                                                            Sunday  1:00 PM  - 10:00 PM 

16.       The Board of Selectmen, at its discretion reserves the right to charge a fee for use of the Common and/or Bandstand. 

17.       The Board of Selectmen at their discretion may require a bond and/or liability insurance policy to protect the interests of the Town of Norwood.

 18.       The Town, its agents, servants and employees shall be held free and clear of any and all liability and the person(s) and/or entity(ies) shall indemnify the Town for all costs, expenses and claims made upon it, liability or otherwise.

 19.       The Board reserves the right to alter, amend and/or modify this policy at their discretion.

Click here for Town Common Use, Applications



    Miscellaneous Documents



License Applications  





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