Appointed Officials

Appointed Position / Committee Name Term Expiration Email Phone
Airport Commission Mark Ryan 2024
Airport Commission John Corcoran 2024
Airport Commission Michael Sheehan 2023
Board of Appeals Mary Kate Daly 2024
Board of Appeals Scott P Murphy 2022
Board of Appeals Michael T. Sheehan 2023
Board of Appeals Alfred P. Porro Jr. 2024
Board of Appeals - Associate Member Paul Eysie 2024
Board of Appeals - Associate Member Mary C. Anderson 2025
Board of Appeals Shannon J Greenwell 2025
Board of Assessors Timothy J. McDonough, Chairman 2023
Board of Assessors Robert M. Thornton 2024
Board of Assessors James F. Grover 2025
Board of Registrars Patricia A. Sterritt 2023
Board of Registrars Juliette A. Bugeau 2025
Board of Registrars Martha A. Pellowe 2024
Cable Commission Joan M. Jacobs 2023
Cable Commission Peter Strano 2025
Cable Commission Richard M. Shay 2024
Cable Commission Edward John Kelliher 2025
Capital Outlay Committee Kevin Connolly
Capital Outlay Committee John F. Lydon
Commission on Disability Laura M Duran, Chairperson
Commission on Disability Sarah N Quinn
Commission on Disability Michelle Sweeney
Commission on Disability Marcy Rossi
Commission on Disability James West 2025
Conservation Commission Peter Bamber 2024
Conservation Commission Stephen Washburn 2025
Conservation Commission John Gear 2024
Council on Aging Allan Howard 2023
Council on Aging Edmund W. Mulvehill, Jr. 2023
Council on Aging Elizabeth Mastandrea 2023
Council on Aging Frances Kenney 2023
Historical Commission Caroline Pannes 2024
Historical Commission Judith Howard 2023
Historical Commission Toni Eosco 2024
Historical Commission Thomas Guiod 2023
Historical Commission Marion Gaw 2024
Historical Commission Charles Burgess 2024
Historical Commission Cheryl Doyle 2024
Cultural Council Kate Sibbing-Dunn 2024
Cultural Council Amy Pfingston 2022
Cultural Council Marypaz 2025
Cultrual Council Denise Kiley 2025
Cultural Council Sarah Aprea 2024
Cultural Council Arati Paranjpe 2025
Cultural Council Christopher Paddock 2025
Permanent Building Construction Committee Theodore Callahan 2021
Permanent Building Construction Committee Robert A. Silk 2022
Permanent Building Construction Committee Francis Hopcroft 2021
Permanent Building Construction Committee William O'Connor 2020
Permanent Building Construction Committee Stephen O'Connor 2022
Personnel Board John E. Taylor 2023
Personnel Board Willard Krasnow 2024
Personnel Board Patterson Riley 2022
Personnel Board Kristen McQuaid 2024
Personnel Board Gayle McCracken 2022
Constables - Appointed Brian J. Flavin, Jr. 2021 781-864-7575
Constables - Appointed Sheryl I. Miller 2023 781-762-5600
Constables - Appointed Thomas F. O'Toole 2025 781-762-1993
Constables - Appointed Donald S. Runnalls 2023 781-551-3576
Board of Registrars Mary Lou Folan
General Manager Tony Mazzucco 2025 781-762-1240
Council on Aging Martha Colamaria 2023
Board of Appleals - Associate Member Georgia Wilson 2022