About the Sustainability Commission

Sustainability Commission Members
Peter McFarland, Chairman   

Gauri Loomba, Norwood High School Representative
John Aprea, III
Bryan Dunn
Heather Miller
David Ruggiero
Joe Shamatta
Emily Shay
Mark Vedrani

The purpose of the Norwood Sustainability Commission is to help in the development and implementation of Norwood`s sustainability vision, mission, and related goals. The Sustainability Commission will encourage the development of a culture of sustainability and resilience to future climate change related emergencies and/or natural disasters. The Sustainability Commission is an advisory board appointed by the Town General Manager.

The Sustainability Commission would you to understand what it does and how you can provide the Commission with feedback to consider as the Commission writes a sustainability action plan. 

Bryan Dunn, Sustainability Commission member, developed three great videos explaining what the new Norwood Sustainability Commission does and how residents can provide the Commission with feedback. Check out the three videos here:

After watching the videos, please take a few moments to complete our survey, linked HERE.